Jed had to Die by Tara Sivec




4.5 Stars!

So Damn Cute!!

Jed had to Die is another great comedy by Tara Sivec. It’s got a little bit of everything in it…a mystery, love, humor, and it actually addresses the heavy issue of domestic abuse.

The story is about Payton Lambert who returns to her home town of Bald Knob when an old friend calls for help. Payton finds herself in a sticky mess…she becomes the number one suspect in the first murder to ever occur in Bald Knob! The town is in cahoots and now Payton is trying to solve the crime, but she’s creating more ruckus than anything else. In the midst of it all, Payton is falling deep for the town Sheriff. Can Payton clear her name and get out of Bald Knob unscathed?

This was such a fun ride! There is a serious undertone as Jed was abusive. It’s a serious issue and the severity of it is highlighted in the story, but Tara also wonderfully gives lightness and laughter to the situation. So yeah, Jed had to die!!!

Payton was crazy! I’m not sure I always connected with her and some of her thinking was a bit hard to understand, but overall, she has a great heart. She definitely created a big mess and I think just a little bit of common sense might have solved most of her problems. Payton was still likeable though. I can see why Leo was head over heels for her. And I’m glad she doesn’t put up too much of a fight with Leo. It was the perfect amount of tug and pull for them.

Now onto Leo…my heart is melting; he is so swoon worthy! There’s nothing sexier than a hot man who is a nerd at his core. I loved how smitten he was with Payton. And the coffee cups…yup he had me at coffee cups. You’ll just have to read what is so damn sweet about the coffee cups ;P

Some of the funniest parts are the interrogation notes. The town of Bald Knob is freakin hilarious! They’re the family you’ve never wanted who’s all up in your business, but at their core they are good people. One of the things I love about this book is how it highlights community and how we can protect our neighbors and be kind to one another. It highlights the strength of friendship.

Overall, this book has it all and you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and swooning. The ending was perfect! This is a must read. Happy Reading!!

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