Review: Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

Filthy RichFilthy Rich by Raine Miller

My rating: Beautiful 4.5 Stars.



Filthy Rich is the story of Caleb, a wealthy sexy hero who falls in love with a sweet girl next door.  Brooke just moved back to Blackstone Island to take care of her sick grandmother.  Brooke is beautiful, witty, and mysterious.  Brooke was badly hurt physically and emotionally in the recent past so her main goal is to work and get back to putting her life together again.  She hides a painful past and mainly keeps men at arm’s length.  Brooke works as an interior designer in Boston.  One day by chance she catches the eye of the handsome billionaire Caleb.  He is instantly intrigued by her beauty and presence — he is determined to find out who Brooke is.  Caleb gets to work quick.  He knows it will not be easy to break down her walls so he has to be creative.  So, Caleb hires Brooke to renovate his home in order to spend more time with her.  Will Caleb be able to help Brooke heal and will Brooke give him a chance to prove that he isn’t like other men and give their relationship a chance?

I really like the hero Caleb – he is sweet, determined, thoughtful and has a good heart.  Being with Brooke means accepting all of her, faults and all.  I did not feel connected with Brooke until towards the end of the book.  She was crying entirely too much so I was getting annoyed until I found out much later there was a reason for that outside of dealing with her past (then I felt really bad J).  I feel bad that Caleb is chasing the whole time while it’s really hard for Brook to give all of herself even after they are already a couple – in my opinion that might have hurt their chemistry a little.  However, I really enjoyed the flirty banters and the simmering sexy tension and chemistry between the two.  I am not sure what to think about the epilogue because there was a HUGE bomb dropped with only a brief explanation of the surprise event.  I am thinking there is another storyline – maybe it is a set up for the next book …

Overall, I enjoyed the swoony hero, the sweet/sexy romance, the witty banters and the sweet storyline of the hero taking the heroine under his wings, protecting and loving her.  I like the side characters, especially Brooke’s workmate Eduardo – he seems really funny.  I also love granny and her overdue HEA J – super sweet. This author is new to me.  I do love her writing style, complete with hilarious dialogue and beautiful narrative.  I would love to read this author’s future books.

Highly recommended.


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