Review: Bad Romeo Christmas: A Starcrossed Anthology by Leisa Rayven <3

Bad Romeo Christmas: A Starcrossed AnthologyBad Romeo Christmas: A Starcrossed Anthology by Leisa Rayven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No matter how you’re spending the holidays, BAD ROMEO CHRISTMAS is sure to heat up your festive season this winter.

“First love. Last love. And every love in between”

WHOA guys! Any fans of Bad Romeo, Broken Juliet and Wicked Heart out there? This book was such a treat… a lovely read just in time for Christmas. Bad Romeo Christmas is a three-part novella giving you a grim view of what happened after the HEA off all the characters – Ethan Cassie, Liam, Elissa, Josh and Angel.

The first part was about Ethan and Cassie’s first Christmas with the Holt’s family. It was lovely to see Ethan’s family embrace their future daughter-in-law Cassie. There is no secret Ethan is a great cook and Cassie sucks at it, but Cassie wants to take care of her man once in a while so she tries to cook for him. She even goes as far offer to contribute a dish for her future in laws. Ethan, being the sweetheart that he is, did not have the heart to tell his fiancé the truth about her cooking ability … but the joke is on him. FUN!!! This story was hilarious I was dying of laughter. Ethan came a long way since his Bad Romeo days at the Grove and I just adore him more and more. There was also a little drama with Ethan’s ex so that spiced things up a bit… OH JOY!!! 🙂

The second part is about Ethan’s sister Elissa and Hollywood’s sexiest man alive Liam. What can I say? The man is no doubt talented and sexy, but his best quality is his big heart. Liam surprises Elissa with a month long vacation in a secluded island that he bought for her. YES! You heard it right – the man BOUGHT it! How freaking ROMANTIC is that right? Unfortunately, their blissful time together was rudely interrupted by the pap and turned into a nightmare. But love conquers all and these two weather the storm like champs.

I was really excited Leisa gave a nice story to follow up on Josh and Angel. I always loved Josh since book one. He is such a sweet, funny, and loyal friend. He is ridiculously handsome but he does not even know it and that makes him more appealing. I am so happy Josh found his happy ending after the lonely single life. Josh is a virgin at relationships so it was hard enough for him to let go and fall in love. The tough part is his fiancé is a beautiful, famous, sought out actress in Hollywood. What’s more? She works daily with an equally hot man and at a far-away destination. With Angel constantly kissing and making love to her costar (on screen), will Josh’s heart withstand the jealousy and insecurity?

There was also some mention of The Grove’s alumni such as Jack and Zoe. They’ve been hooking up in secret and Connor’s new girlfriend Eva wants to murder Cassie for broken his heart. However, what I really wish for is something more on Erika. I’ve been very intrigued by this woman since Bad Romeo. Erika is strong – she has a “don’t fuck with me” attitude and occasionally seems to have a chip on her shoulder. She is super talented but underneath that tough façade, she has a soft heart. She kind of pushed Ethan and Cassie together back then and I think it was because she saw something special in them. Erika seems to be a romantic at heart and this novella confirmed it. After 20 years, Erika finally found her HEA and I am so very happy for her.

This one is a no brainer. Leisa’s story is gorgeous as always!!! I love her sense of humor, her talent in storytelling, the unique plots, and her incredible cast of characters. Bad Romeo Christmas has a perfect blend of sexiness, humor, heart, and of course LOVE ALL AROUND! MUST READ you guys!!!

“The best ones are the hardest, but they’re also the most worthwhile.”
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