Review: Over the Edge by Meredith Wild

Over the EdgeOver the Edge by Meredith Wild

My rating: 4.5 Stars

*** Warning – this review contains spoilers ***

Holy crap!!! Meredith, you are one brave woman. What a risky move with this very unconventional love triangle. But let me say it’s HOT, it’s SEXY, it’s MENAGE and it’s a MUST READ.

So, we have Olivia, oh sweet Olivia. She is the younger of three, having two overly protective big brothers. She grew up privileged – all she has to do is focus on her beauty, school, and friends. She is no virgin but she has little experience with men, especially of the alpha, dominant kind. Olivia is tired of her parents meddling and trying to marry her off, so she skips town and moves to the city with her brothers. Oliver helps oversee the building design for Cameron’s newest gym project. That’s where she meets Will, the hot investor. Oh man, the meeting part had me giggling so bad – I love Olivia’s sassy attitude and her smart mouth.

Will was immediately attracted to Olivia. He knew he wanted her and he is determined to claim her. That’s just Will – young, rich, handsome, and a free spirit. It does not hurt that he is super sexy and not afraid of getting his hands dirty (at the construction site and elsewhere….wink wink )
Ian happens to be Will’s roommate. Ian is a hot fire fighter. He has been best friends/workmates with Olivia’s brother Darren for a long time. Ian always had a crush on Olivia but Darren made it clear that she was off limits. Ian tries to stay away from Olivia but the situation soon changes. Olivia is seeing a lot of Will and Ian is forced to hear them every night. It’s impossible to not lusting after her. But lucky for Ian, Will likes to share and that includes women. They make a deal and the rest is history….

I have to say I love On my Knees but Meredith really ups the ante with this book. The amount of heat and sex in this book is scorching hot. Their relationship is steamy hot but also sweet. I mean Will and Ian both treat Olivia like a princess. She has two men who love her and all they want is to make her happy. Fantasy comes true I think

Anyway, when you have 2 guys, I can’t help but root for one. My heart goes out to Ian though. I feel like Ian knew Olivia longer and he loves her longer. But when they are all together, Will is in charge and Ian can only do what Will allows. I feel like he is the third wheel in a way. Toward the end, when Ian walks away I thought it was for the best. I felt like he came back because he does not want to hurt Olivia. Secretly, I want another book on Ian
But this is what Over the Edge is about … their love is unconventional, complicated… bit of a taboo. But who are we to judge? It’s work for them and they are HAPPY. That’s all the world needs.

I am a fan of Meredith Wild. This book is beautifully written – filled with witty banters and erotic passionate romance. Add a little bit of angst and an emotional love story – we’ve got a fantastic read.
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