The Fork in the Trail (The Asquinn Twins Book #2) by Grace Brooks Cover Reveal!




Title: The Fork in the Trail (The Asquinn Twins Book #2)

Author: Grace Brooks

Genre: Christian

Release Date: TBA


Why does God seem to answer some prayers and not others? Can we ask for the wrong things in prayer? Christian author Grace Brooks, through The Asquinn Twins And The Fork In The Trail, answers these and a host of other relevant questions pertaining to faith, life, and relationships..

Through this insightful volume, Grace Brooks weaves an intriguing story of young love, the stress of that love and the intersection of God’s love when that stress becomes more than Martha, one of the lead characters, can bear. Martha is engaged then married to the boy she was betrothed to as a child–Bradan Turehue–the older brother of her best friend Sherry Turehue.

Will Martha’s oldest brother Ken Asquinn’s, espoused to Sherry Turehue, choices lead to estrangement from God and God’s church in the hamlet of Forest Lake? Can Martha’s prayers to God help turn her husband around? And, what about you and your prayers? Can and will God turn things around for you and for those you love? Get this book – you won’t be disappointed.


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