Review: Downed by Jen Frederick!

DownedDowned by Jen Frederick

My rating: 4.5 sweet stars!

“Fixing this wounded warrior will be her biggest challenge yet. Not falling for him will be even harder.”

Oh man! Just finished this beauty by Jen Frederick and was holding my breath a bit toward the end… any football fans out there? This is one fine sport romance! A must read!

Lots of football… Check.
Sexy bad boy QB… Check.
Forbidden romance with coach’s daughter… Check.
But … it’s not all you think though! Downed is a beautiful story of love, loss, redemption, and finding oneself. It also has a large dose of cuteness, fun, sex, and romance too.

Ace has a not so good history at his pervious school. So when he is traded to Southern U, it’s Ace’s chance to redeem his bad boy image and play ball. No worries there, because Ace came to the right school – as soon as he arrived, he was recruited into Bryant’s “bad boy reform” project. Funny thing is Ace had no idea what hit him.

Ace has one goal at Southern U and that is play football. He is not interested in dating or having a relationship – although he is not opposed to just a quick fuck. Bryant is the head coach’s daughter. Bryant is sweet, kind and funny. The way she inserted her life into Aces makes me laugh. She is forward with Ace and will not take no for an answer. She is to be Ace’s girlfriend regardless of his personal agreements. Despite Ace’s reputation, Bryant knows that Ace is kind underneath all the asshole façade. She believes that she can bring out the best in him. What she did not expect was to fall for her “project”. In the end, did Bryant really changed Ace and transformed him into the best version of himself – someone mature and good. Or did Bryant become her own project in the process?

I adore the hero and the heroine in this book. Ace is a sexy, talented QB but that does not really define who he is – Ace is actually really cute and sweet. He appears to be an asshole to everyone (to cover up his hurt) but he always gives in to Bryant. Once he decides that he is a one-woman man – he is quite alpha and protective of his woman. I adore Bryant – she is a true southern belle. She is proper, polite, kind and nice to everyone around her, but Ace does bring out a little tiger in her wink wink wink … I also enjoyed the storyline. Yes, there is a lot of football talk if you are a fan. I don’t understand football but there is so much more to this story – there is a heartfelt and moving story of Bryant’s life, her past and how it shapes the way she wants to help and heal people. I love the chemistry between Ace and Bryant – cute, sexy, just adorable.

Downed is a sport romance/college romance/standalone. Fast read, low drama, high humor, sexy, and sweet romance. Highly recommended!

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