Review: From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon

From Sand and AshFrom Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon

My rating: +++ 6 STARS +++

I finished this book a day ago and I have no words to describe how deep this book touches my heart. I cried big fat tears over this (happy tears too ). I was so touched by Amy’s acknowledgement where she spoke about what motivated her to write this passionate story, how she completed her research to ensure the story (historically) was as accurate as possible, and finally the message she wants to convey to readers.

I think this book is too complicated to summarize easily but reading the blurb you know this much: Eva and Angelo grew up together in Italy. They were best friends who eventually fell deeply in love with each other, but Angelo chose to serve God which shattered Eva’s heart. His reason for becoming a priest is multi-faceted – not as simple as just loving God more or not loving Eva enough. A decade later, Angelo comes to a crossroad – with the Germans closing in, determined to annihilate all Jews. Angelo risks his life at every turn to keep Eva safe and tucked away, but Eva will not sit back and watch in silence. So the difficult journey begins for Eva and Angelo …

I know this subject matter is a bit heavy for some folks but I am convinced that you will survive this book and you will love it. This is not my usual genre but I was looking for something with more feels and this book is exactly what I needed. I LOVE this book because it is thought provoking. I promise it will be worth it and your heart will be happy at the end. I am a sucker for HEA remember? 🙂

From Sand and Ash is so much more than a romance. It’s also about faith in yourself, friends, family and good people. Faith that you will survive and faith in God. It is also about courage -to fight for what you believe in and to stay alive when the world is crumpling around you. Courage to help people, knowing you put yourself at risk. Of course it is also about love – unwavering love for your family, for your best friend you grew up with. Love between lovers – the kind you’d rather die for than live without. Eva and Angelo’s love story is full of hardship but it’s the everlasting kind of love.

Why else should you read it?

The story itself is brilliant – powerful and moving. The background story is intense, heart wrenching, and one of the most emotional I’ve ever read. The writing is simply stunning, well-crafted in every way – the narrative, the descriptions of each character, the dialogue, and everything you can think of in between. I was captivated the whole entire book. It opened my eyes – a good reminder of the ruthlessness of war and how it transforms people. It is a crucial reminder to keep history where it belongs – IN THE PAST. Let’s not forget, but never repeat old mistakes.

I am totally vested in this story. I still think about it and I have already re-read half of the book. I urge you to read this book – it is an epic tale of love, loss, bravery, faith, and survival. I was completely mesmerized by Eva and Angelo and their once in a life time love affair during the gloomiest of times in history.

Amy Harmon is truly exquisite! I have always been enthralled by her books and I always will be regardless of the genre. She can write ANYTHING!

From Sand and Ash is my favorite/best book this year!


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