Review: It’s You (Book Two) by Katy Regnery.

It's YouIt’s You by Katy Regnery

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Oh my god! I just turned the last page of this book and for the first time in 24 hours I felt like I could breathe. Folks, buckle the hell up because book two will take you for a very exciting wild ride. At the end of the first book Darcy made a difficult decision which broke both of their hearts. Darcy loves Jack but she is so confused and could not wrap her head around Jack and who he is. Their binding, which happened when they were teenagers, is unacceptable according to Jack’s pack law. So the road to happiness is challenging for Jack and Darcy. But this is what makes this second part so thrilling – full of ups and downs and action packed.

“I would rather die, than live without you. If I am your soul, then you are my heart.”

I feel heartbroken for Darcy because she is so hurt and confused once she finds out the truth. Hell, if someone were to spring a werewolf on me, I would freaking run straight to the hills with skates on and never come back. So, I don’t judge Darcy’s action. She was vulnerable, sad and uncertain about her and Jack future. Darcy’s past experience with trusting men did not help her situation. But Darcy is a strong heroine and the sacrifice she made is beyond romantic to me.

“With her, my death and my life. With her and no other.”

I adore Jack. He continues to surprise me with his commitment and his passion for Darcy. The kind of love that is unbreakable – it’s “death do us part” for him. He honors his binding not because of his pack’s traditional values but because he believes that Darcy is his one true soulmate. He will do whatever it takes to protect her even if it destroys him the process.

“For what is bound cannot be broken.”

Jack and Darcy’s love story is the ultimate fairy tale. It’s You (part 2) gave us an epic conclusion to Jack and Darcy’s journey to HEA despite their differences. Jack and Darcy found love in the most unconventional way. Paranormal or not, this is an epic love story. Fate, destiny, soulmates… if you don’t believe in them you will after this book. It’s You is about true love, friendship, family, sacrifice and life’s difficult journey. It’s full of heartwarming moments, hilarious banters, a panty dropping hot “binding” scenario – Damn! Katy can write a sexy scene like no other! I also enjoyed all the secondary characters too. I think they are as significant to the story as the main characters. Reading It’s You is truly an exhilarating experience. My first paranormal book and Ms. Katy hit it out of the park for me – Simply breathtaking!!! You are fantastic Katy. THANK YOU!!!

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