Review: Dear Life by Meghan Quinn

Dear LifeDear Life by Meghan Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW WOW WOW! I am used to Meghan’s romantic comedies – goofy, sweet, fun … but Dear Life? We are seeing another brilliant side of Meghan and I LOVED IT. This book is inspiring, emotional, heartwarming, serious, sad but also hilarious as hell in some parts. I cried one minute and then the next I busted out laughing my a** off. Then I ugly cried happy tears at the end. You must read this.

The story surrounds four people with very different lives and circumstances. Hollyn is a newlywed, madly in love, but her husband tragically dies in a training accident after just one year. Jace is blessed with a daughter but being gone most of the time, he can’t give his daughter the life she deserves. Daisy spends her adult life taking care of her grandma and all of a sudden Daisy is faced with the real world all by herself – she is scared and lost. Carter is a gifted chef but he is stuck working in his uncle’s kitchen – all hopes are gone because he lost his one last ticket to escape. All of their stories are quite heart-wrenchingly sad. They are trapped in the past with no hope or strength to move on with their lives. These four meet at Dear Life, a program that is supposed to help people face their demons, accept the present and prove their existence. This book gives us a glimpse of the characters’ past but mostly we get to see the four of them embarking on a life-changing journey to save themselves and to be free. This book is raw and heartbreaking; it will pull at your heart strings and make you cry. But, it’s so satisfying to see how they come out on the other side.

I cannot get enough of Meghan Quinn’s stories. Her rom coms are fabulous but this is entirely different from what she usually writes. Let me tell you this story is magnificent and proves she is a versatile author. If you are looking for a book that has all the feels, you got it right here.  As I mentioned before it’s a little sad reading what these characters have to go through, but don’t worry it will be worth it. There are so many hilarious parts as well, and let’s not forget the beautiful romance, the sweet heroines and the swoony heroes …. and the hot sex 🙂

I hope you all will love it as much as I do! MUST READ!

Thank you Meghan. You really inspired me with this gorgeous story. B**bs squeeze and love you 🙂

PS: write your Dear Life letter… Here is mine…

Dear Life,

I am truly grateful for the life I have. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have come a long way from living in a poverty-stricken third world country with little food and no electricity but 3 hours/day. I did not have much growing up but we shared the little that we had. Most importantly, I had the love of my family. I was fortunate enough to come to this country when I was 14 years old. I knew it was my once in a lifetime chance to make a better life for myself. It was a hard road but I did it, and I am a proud American citizen.

Today, I am grateful to have a loving husband, 2 beautiful children, good health, good jobs, and a roof over my head. I don’t take anything for granted. I work hard and give back when I can. Christmas season is a fun time but for some not as much. I always feel a little melancholy because it reminds me of when I did not have much – some people were kind to us, others weren’t. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how small the amount, every bit is always appreciated. So, pay it forward if you can. I do.

Hug your family a little tighter. Be kind to one another. Life is too short. That’s all!

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