Review: Full Package by Lauren Blakely

Full PackageFull Package by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 Swedish fish stars!!!!

Paging Dr. McHottie to the ER stat! This girl is about to faint 🙂 🙂

SQUEEEEEZE! I just finished the sweetest, most beautiful, swoony, delicious friends turned lover romance. I especially love the hero in this book but I am a little biased because my hubby is an ER doctor and I have to brag – he is sweet, handsome, and sexy to me . But seriously, everything Lauren described is spot-on: the doctor porn, the peculiar things that get stuck in different orifices – I kept poking my husband and said: “Listen! Here is another story, sound familiar?” … this story is so hilarious, hot, sweet, flirty, charming … well, just the full package!

Chase and Josie both live in NY – Chase needs to move closer to his work… Josie needs a roommate to help with the rent. They are both desperate. Chase found himself in a predicament way bigger than not finding a decent apartment. He is attracted to his best friend Josie, who also happens to be his best buddy’s sister. Everyone can see it except the man himself. Chase put that “friend only zone” nail in the coffin when he agreed to move in as her roommate. Chase is dying slowly trying to resist Josie because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend crossing that line when things don’t work out. Can Chase separate these feelings and thoughts? Cohabitating with a sexy gorgeous woman that he has the hots for?

I love Chase – he is truly the full package, smart, handsome, sweet, funny, and caring. I also adore Josie – she is like the best girlfriend everyone wants to have. Josie is beautiful, sweet, talented, and giving. These two are obviously stupidly in love with each other. They are meant to be but they are both stubborn and afraid of losing each other to take a leap. I’ve got to say I love Lauren’s book because she writes an incredible male POV. I don’t know how she does it but she understands the mind of the male specimen so well – the way they think or act or talk. This book is no different – I love Chase’s POV but I was also dying to see what is in Josie’s head; what she is feeling or thinking about Dr. McHottie The chemistry between Chase and Josie is guaranteed to burn up your sheets. All the flirting as friends turns into lustful foreplay then combusts to full on passionate sexy love… GAH!!! Uber hot guys!

Full Package is definitely one of my favorite friends to lovers romance. The epilogue is just lovely – adding another level of sweetness to the story. Lauren is the queen of rom com and this book has a perfect recipe of passion, sweetness, fun, heat, and love. So, EAT IT UP you guys!!!

I highly recommend. Enjoy!!!

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