Review: Love Story

Love Story
Love Story by Lauren Layne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars!
This is a beautiful blend of the forbidden romance, friends to lover, and second chance romance. Lucy and Reece have known each other for years. Reece is her big brother’s best friend and has always been part of their family. Their friendship was always strong and as they got older they crossed the line to lovers. Through some misunderstanding, they part ways and have hated each other ever since. Can they find their way back to each other?
The story starts out with Reece and Lucy in present time. They have a burning hatred for each other, but buried down deep is also a burning love for one another. The key mystery in the story is what tore them apart; it definitely kept me reading.
I thoroughly enjoyed the flash backs of Reece and Lucy developing their friendship as children and then seeing their friendship develop into love. I’m a sucker for childhood love. It’s all so very sweet and innocent. It was well written and their love for one another was very palpable.
Eventually, the reason for their separation was revealed and honestly, it was a bit frustrating. It all came down to poor communication. If Reece and Lucy could have had one conversation about their insecurities, it would have solved a lot of heartache. I think Lucy had more reason to be upset than Reece. Both felt they were burned by one another, but while I hate to put blame, I think it was mostly Reece’s fault.
I’m happy to report that the ending is sweet and just my style. If you are a fan of friends to lover and second chance romance, you will love this story. It’s a sweet, feel good book perfect for snowy day. Happy Reading!!
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