Review: Whispered Promises by Kristin Mayer.

Whispered PromisesWhispered Promises by Kristin Mayer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** Well, I say this was a good start to a New Year’s read. I don’t go out of my normal genres that much but I am glad I did with this book. This is sort of a mystery romance read for me. Sarah’s life was going pretty status quo for her in The Society until her mother abruptly died. She found out shortly after the funeral that her mother left a very important letter that would eventually change the course of her life forever. Who is the real Sarah and why did her mother join The Society? Has her life has been one big lie? One thing Sarah knows for sure is that she has a whole life outside this rigid cult that she has been in for over a decade. She needs to escape, and fast.

This book is one big mystery unfolding. Once Sarah escapes the Society, she tries to settle into a new life but she always feels like she has to look over her shoulder so that the Society won’t find her. And she is right! It is difficult for Sarah to adapt to a new society since she was home schooled and sheltered for so long. She has to learn slowly how to survive in this free world. She befriends her roommate Brooklyn and her brother Aiden who are both so sweet and loving to Sarah. God knows she needs them both. I love the relationship between Sarah and Aiden – the attraction is instant but Aiden is respectful of Sarah’s circumstances. He is patient and kind to her. Their relationship grows from friendship to something quite beautiful at the end. My heart broke for Matthew though – he was such a good friend and confidant to Sarah for so many years. This book is more than a romance – it is about a journey of a young woman who escapes her past and struggles to find herself again. It’s about friendship and of course HEA love story.

If you are looking for a unique story that encompasses sweet romance, friendship with a few twists and turns and drama (bad guy/good guy) this is the book for you. I felt it was a bit unresolved with the ending in regards to the Society but other than that it was a good read – the suspense kept me going the whole time.

Another new author for me.  Looking forward to reading more of her book.
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