Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater (Part 2) by T.M. Frazier


4.5 Bow Tie Stars!!!

*spoiler alert–there may be some spoilers especially if you haven’t read book 1*

I love Preppy and will always want more of him, but I find it quite cruel that once again, T.M. Frazier leaves me with a cliffhanger. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting part 3 =(

So, this is part 2 of Preppy’s story. It’s not a standalone so you must read Preppy part 1 to understand anything. I actually think the entire King series need to be read before this one. Technically, King and Bear’s story could read as stand alones, but with Preppy being the last book, I think there is too much history embedded in the other books. The history creates the entire backdrop for Preppy’s story. The previous books are quite good so it shouldn’t be hard to read them.

Anyhow, if you’ve read my other reviews on this series, you will know that I am a huge Preppy fan. He’s the jokester of the group. He’s comic relief in some pretty violent and gruesome situations. When Preppy comes back to life, he loses himself. His special spark dies a little and it absolutely breaks my heart. It tears me up inside to see him suffer. I just want the poor man to get a break. Well, he does in the form of a girl named Dr. Dre.

Dre is a great character. I liked her from book 1, but in book 2 she matures and grows. Despite her junkie history, she grounds the story and adds a bit of normalcy to this group of outlaws. She is a character of strength and Preppy definitely draws strength from her.  Dre along with the other women in this story have such power over their men. It’s quite wonderful to see Frazier portray women to have such influence and strength among the men. I find myself having a little more pride for women everywhere.

“My wife was home.”

It still amazes me how T. M. Frazier creates this violent world where I’m actually rooting for all these crazy people. And trust me, they are like borderline psychopaths, but here I am cheering them on to find happiness. This book is the least violent of all the books. There is barely any war or killing. It focuses more on Preppy and Dre’s internal battles.

Dre and Preppy have some touching moments, but the bromance is still what gets me. I love how much King, Bear, and Preppy love each other. Their dedication to one another is a beautiful bond that can’t be broken.

“Motherfucker was trying to cuddle with me. It was fucking adorable.”

“I loved that big mean bastard.”

I’m hooked on this series. I have learned to love these misfits and outlaws. So I encourage you all to read Preppy and give this entire series a try! Happy reading!!

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