Review: Real Good Man / Real Good Love by Meghan March


Real Good Man is book one of the Real Duet.

Banner and Logan are from two different worlds. Banner lives a party life in NY – nice apartment, interesting neighbors, good job, good friends. Logan is an ex-Marine turned mechanic living in small town Kentucky. Banner and Logan paths crossed by chance via text messages. They became friends and the texting and sexting begins. Logan drove to NY to meet Banner and they had one unforgettable night. Shortly after, Banner lost her job and apartment so she made her way to God Haven. She soon finds out Logan is the star bachelor of the town with flocks of women wanting for a piece of him. Will a city girl stand a chance with all the catty southern bells?

I adore Banner – she is funny, smart, sassy and independent. That is what Logan likes about Banner – she is not looking to tie a man down. Logan – what can I say right? Sexy, alpha, with a dirty mouth but he is also sweet and loyal. I did not feel the chemistry I expected when they met for the first time but the rest of the book had plenty of sizzling, burning up the sheets chemistry. The first book you get a little bit of the NY scene but mostly their romance is in KY. At the end of the first book, Banner has to temporary go back to NY to take care of her neighbor. She leaves behind her heart and a box of pregnancy tests with one missing … Hope you have book 2 in hands 🙂 LOL


Real Good Love

Real Good Love continues with Banner and Logan’s romance. They are seriously dating and it isn’t easy because the women are jealous that Banner got the real good man in town for herself. At times, Banner isn’t sure if she belongs in this town but she is strong and she does not give up that easy. The second book is more action-packed, drama, and cat fights. I was not sure about Banner’s surprised inheritance – seems a bit unrealistic but I understand it is an important part the plot (it speaks of her character). This second part includes quite a few secondary characters, their life in this small town where Logan works, Banner building on her very interesting business, friends, enemies, the problem with meth labs, and just the abundance of life.
Overall, I enjoyed this series – I am more interested in the romance aspect but the rest is still quite entertaining. The book is well written, flawless really. I love the chemistry, the funny banters, the sweet and sexy romance and even a little bit of suspense at the end. The story definitely kept me intrigued the whole time.


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