Review: Gravity by H.J. Bellus

GravityGravity by H.J. Bellus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holly emotional book! Gravity is sort of a second chance at finding true love journey for the heroine. Gracie was dealt a shitty card. She fell hard for her high school sweetheart Amos but Gracie’s father was a military man therefore they were moving around a lot. The love birds were ripped apart but Gracie and Amos kept their love alive even with the distance apart. Until strategy strikes… Gracie lost it all but Amos did leave a piece of him behind. Gracie started a new life at Amos’s home town with her heart and sunshine Juliette. I love Juliette – she is full of life and has her father vibrant personality. The cussing was bothering just a bit but it’s all part of her personality / character. Soon after moving to town Gracie met Cub. Cub storms into Gracie’s life with his full alpha protective force, looking after Gracie and Juliette. Cub is a sexy cop with a little girl Izzy the same age as Juliette. The two girls became BFFs – so were the parents :). There is a twist though that I was trying to work out from the beginning but couldn’t guess – that’s was a huge surprise and it’s beautiful. Can Gracie find room in her heart for a second love?

Gravity is heart-wrenching, emotional, beautiful story of love, loss, friendship and second chances. Sometimes, in the midst of tragedy you find a light and you need to hold on, keep believing, taking chances. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we are lucky enough for find a new beautiful life.

This was a fast read, have tissues handy. Told mostly in Gracie POV and a few chapters in Cub POV. I enjoyed the author’s writing, flow nicely; the story is intriguing and will keep you turning the page until the end.
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