Review: Anything You Can Do by R.S Grey

Anything You Can DoAnything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

WHOA! This is my favorite book of R.S Grey to date!!! I love the cute plot, the incredibly hilarious banters and hot enemies to lovers romance.

Daisy and Lucas have known each other since childhood. They have always been competitive with each other in all things growing up. Somehow the competitiveness turns ugly as they start to sabotage and prank each other at every turn. After high school Daisy and Lucas go their separate ways for college. A decade passes and they happen to move back into town – this time competing for a spot at taking over as physician at the local family practice. Turns out, things have not changed all that much … or so it seems from Daisy’s point of view. Lucas is still trying to push her buttons but in a playful and adorable way. Daisy seems to hold a grudge a little longer – she seems so suspicious when Lucas plays nice and she always wants to up the ante with him. I think Lucas has genuinely grown out of the competitiveness and started having feelings for Daisy before she ever realizes he is the one. But not to worry, one day in quarantine, being held up together in a confined space will change everything. All the hostility turns into sexy foreplay 🙂

This book was just fun, sexy, and entertaining. It was light-hearted, with great banters and delicious flirting. I love the small town feeling of the setting. I also like the characters – Daisy is sassy, sharped tongued, funny. Lucas is handsome, swoony, romantic. The way he always takes charge of the situation is just super sexy – I like a guy that is confident and sure of himself. Mostly told in Daisy’s POV but you will get a treat with Lucas’s POV too in the form of unsent emails Pretty clever! Cute, short and sweet – best of Grey’s book for me.
4.5 Stars
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