Review: Singe by Aly Martinez

SingeSinge by Aly Martinez

My rating:  5 Butterflies ❤

I am so excited for the new Guardian Protection series and I am happy to report that Aly does not disappoint. She writes hot alpha hero like no other. This series has a fresh concept surrounding the boys of the Guardian security agency. Right at the prologue, my heart was already jumping out of my chest and I was intrigued by the plot. Rhion was hanging on to life with the threat of being burned alive or falling to her death. Jude was an off duty cop who had a few drinks, but he accepted the last call to check out the Park Hill estate. That turned out to be his biggest down fall. Jude made a decision to help save Rhion but what happened next destroyed Jude and haunted him for the rest of his life. Jude and Rhion were both wounded severely — internal and external injuries from the events that fateful night. Both have regrets, guilt, and things they want to say to each other but haven’t gotten the chance. Four years later, Jude found a new job at the Guardian which happens to serve one unexpected client, Rhion.

I feel sad for Rhion – she is a young beautiful young lady with scars covering her body and more importantly, a destroyed spirit. She is hiding in her apartment, fearful of being outside, of people, of life and the only people she trusts is her best friend and the boys at the agency. Jude can be frustrating at times as he thinks everything is his fault. Although I do understand why he feels solely responsible for what happened to Rhion. I love both of these characters. Rhion is a sweetheart, despite her social status she is down to earth and nice – someone you want to be friends with. She is also funny and quirky – I laughed so hard at her diarrhea mouth. God helps her she can quit talking when she is nervous. I just adore her. Jude is damaged but oh I LOVE the damaged heroes A LOT – they are my kryptonite. Jude is all alpha, protective and sexy. The chemistry between these two is an inferno, sizzling hot and a fitting theme for the book 🙂 🙂

This book is definitely sexy, raw, and contains a bit of suspense that will keep you on your toes a little. In several parts of the book I feel like the hair on my neck was standing up. I guessed that there was something going on with Johnson and Rhion because their relationship was too close. Then, I guessed there was something shady with Pete and Rhion – how she trusted him completely to take care of her finance. Of course, there is also Rhion’s creepy brother with a violent past, always lurking around the corner watching her. BUT the best TWIST EVER is at the end – I seriously did not see that coming. ALY – you are one wicked woman!!!

I don’t need to say anything about Aly’s writing – if you are a fan of hers you will love this book period!!! Her story is always unique with a flair for the dramatic hero and heroine. She has a way of captivating your attention the whole time. Wonderful new series. I am so looking forward to the next hot man of the Guardian Protection agency.

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