Review: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward



HOLY WOW! I did not expect Mack Daddy to be heart wrenching, angst, and drama – I even shed a few tears.  This was one delicious second chance romance with an incredibly sweet, sexy, romantic hero and the cutest, quirkiest heroine.  I was totally engrossed in the story from beginning to end.

P (since nick names are the theme of this book :)) does not beat around the bush.  Right off the bat Frankie is united with her college love after nearly a decade.  Frankie is a teacher at a private catholic school.  On the first day of school she comes face to face with the man she used to love in college.  Frankie always knew she was different – she wears thick glasses, is awkward around people, and mostly keeps to herself.   Mack comes from a privileged family, sexy as sin and  can have any woman he wants.  But Mack sees the real Frankie behind the thick glasses – he is the only one that gets all her quirks, understands her, and sees through her soul.  Mack was Frankie’s roommate/best friend/crush/her dream but he destroyed her heart when he left college before summer and never came back.  When something like this happens in the story, I usually resent the guy who breaks the girls heart but in this story I cannot even blame Mack.  In leaving Frankie behind he broke her heart but I understood his reasons 100% and I actually respect him for it.  He made a very difficult decision that changed the course of his life but he did it out of respect, responsibility and love for another.  Frankie is a sweet, caring, trusting, loving person but she has suffered some abandonment issues in her past so what happened back in college really destroyed her heart.  Frankie is seemingly moving on with her life now.  The last thing she expects is Mack to waltz back into her life with a renewed purpose – To win her back.  Mack pulled out all the tricks to woo her but is it too late?

I have to say I love both characters in this book.  Frankie is such a lovable character.  What I love most about Frankie is her honesty.  She speaks her mind even if it embarrasses her in front of Mack.  What you see is what you get with her.  Mack, I cannot say enough of him.  The college Mack is sexy, sweet, romantic and funny.  Many times he can take advantage of the situation or selfishly give in to his wants but Mack resisted because he is simply a good guy.  The grown up version of Mack is even better – more mature, responsible, loving and still sexy as hell.  Mack’s actions throughout the book speak volumes of his character.  As I said before, I admire and respect him but aside from that I totally want to jump Mack – he is that yummy ladies.

Mack Daddy is a second chance love story but there is a little bit more to that.  The book also addresses a devastating disease known as OCD.  It also deals with children and broken families.  I like that the story has all the feels – lighthearted, romantic, some parts were emotional, quite a bit of hilarious/cute banters and of course very delicious sexy scenes.   I adore the heroine — totally swoony over the hero.  Love the plot.  Penelope never ceases to amaze me with her gorgeous stories and amazing words.  This one is a MUST READ!!!!

5 STARS!!! ❤


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