Review: Fighting With Faith by Nikki Ash

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kayla’s view on love is jaded thanks to her parents who taught her that marriage is like a business commitment. She should marry someone with a good job, money, secured. Affection, love and HEA is not for real.
Kayla and Bentley have known each other once in the past – after one night together Kayla ran away before ever giving Bentley a chance. Several years later they crossed paths again. Bentley believes that Kayla is his soulmate and that they were meant to be but Kayla has a different idea – her view on love hasn’t changed. Bentley is determined to change Kayla’s mind this time around. Because of this plot – the relationship between Kayla and Bentley is turbulent with lots of ups and downs, and push and pull between them. I really like Bentley – he is kind, caring, affectionate, and has the patience of a saint. Bentley is fighting an uphill battle with Kayla knowing that it will be difficult to convince her that true love does exist. Kayla I think is a weaker character. She was young when her mother poisoned her mind with all the negativity, but she continued to fall into her mother’s manipulation as an adult. She is also too afraid of getting hurt even after Bentley proven that he can takes care of her. The author did a good job with the chemistry between these two though – lots of angst and sexiness. Bentley is definitely swoony and hot in the bedroom. Overall, Fighting with faith is a sweet sexy second chance romance. There is a tiny cliffhanger at the end which give you a glimpse into the next book – I am looking forward to Caleb.

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