Review: Sweet Rivalry by K. Bromberg

My rating: 5 SEXY STARS

She’s feisty and determined.
He’s tatted and tenacious.
One career-changing contract stands between them.
Their rivalry is unyielding.
Their attraction undeniable.
When the competition ends, who will come out on top?

Squeeze!!! The best things do come in small packages. I am really loving all these short stories from the 1001 Dark Nights. I was so excited to see a story from K. Bromberg and once again she nailed it. I love this ridiculously cute, sexy, second-chance romance.

Ryder and Harper were classmates and fierce rivals in college. They are both smart, driven and always try to best each other in everything. On their last competitive debate Harper bests Ryder but she is pissed at Ryder for the way he “mocked” her during the debate. So, what’s a man to do when a woman is fuming at him? He kisses her senseless … Harper is confused and breathless afterward. But she does not stick around long enough to find out what is brewing between them. Harper moves to NY, Ryder to LA. Fast forward a decade later, Harper finds her way to LA on a work assignment. Turns out she is bidding for a contract that Ryder is also competing for. Once again the two are facing off for a contract that will really advance their respective careers. The stakes are high – they both need to focus but there are too many distractions. Ryder is all tattoos and “beard burn” potential 🙂 and Harper is sassy, sexy in pencil skirts and fuck-me heels. Let the game begin and maybe the best man or woman win!!!

K. Bromberg did such an amazing job with the chemistry between Ryder and Harper – hostile and flirty at first. Then all passionate kisses, steamy office sex, and sweet romance. What Ryder did at the end was totally swoony. They guy is not only a sex God but also loyal and a stand-up guy. I really enjoyed this story – short and sweet, sexy, and romantic. LOVE  IT!!!


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