Review: Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige




You guys! This book is a must read. Grab Dirty Filthy Rich Boys first – Sabrina and Donovan met while she was at Harvard. He was her TA and practically her teacher. Sabrina has a major crush on her TA, but she is naïve. Donovan ends up saving her and at the same time destroys her heart. An unfortunate event happens that forces Sabrina to quit Harvard and move back home. Ten years later, Donovan and Sabrina cross paths again – this time he is her boss, but Sabrina is not intimidated. Sabrina is all grown up and wiser. She has some beefs to settle with Donovan, and she intends to do so.

OMG! I can tell for certain this is going to be one of my favorites this year. I devoured this book in one sitting but now I’m dying for the finale. I don’t think I can wait until October. Donovan is all mine. How can this man be so infuriating and freaking endearing at the same time? Laurelin really hit it out if the park with the characters in this book. Donovan is a complicated creature – sexy, brooding, alpha and total asshole. He can be vile, cruel, and twisted. So many times I want to strangle him or throat punch him. But does it make me sick I like him so much? Oh well I don’t care. Sabrina – oh I want to give her a big hug. She is beautiful, smart, and has the patience of a saint for this man. I was seriously screaming at her through my kindle – You can do better girl!!! But love is not that simple. Donovan and Sabrina share a history and their relationship is one massive roller coaster. They can’t decide if they hate each other or love each other but in the end the force that pulls them together is too great to deny. And don’t even get me started on the sex that went down – totally erotic, sick, sensual, and panty dropping hot!!!!

The ending though – OMG! One big cliffhanger. Donovan walked away and Sabrina found out one huge secret that he has been keeping for years. I am beyond addicted to this series … consumed by the characters and their twisted relationship – Weston’s included. How can you do this to me, Laurelin? I need Dirty Filthy Rich Love like I need my next breath – this is not good for my health!!!! AHHHHH!! You must read this!!!



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