Review: The Brave Line by Kate Stewart!



This book is EVERYTHING!!! I’m so touch by the honesty and the heart the author given us through her elegant writing.  The Brave Line – brought to you by a very brave woman herself Kate Stewart ❤

5 Poignant Heartfelt Stars!!!

“You can begin again anywhere you want to in life but you can’t recreate your past or the way it shaped you.”

 I want to say right off the bat that The Brave Line is a masterpiece.  Although, I love all of Kate’s stories I have be honest – this is her BEST WORK YET!!!

Michelle is a survivor, barely escaping death.  She left her rich life in California and settles for a career as a Charleston’s police dispatcher.  She lives in a small apartment, barely making her bills but it is HER life.  Rowdy is one of Michelle’s dispatcher responsibilities.  Her job is to make sure he is safe.  There is no room for relationship entanglements.  But she can’t help but be attracted to the grouchy, sexy, new sergeant.  Rowdy has no interest in relationship or love.  He is not hiding the fact that he is game for a good time, but there will be no romance.

“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for – Bob Marley.”

I love that both main characters are STRONG.  Yes, they are FLAWED and BROKEN yet strong and resilient.  Despite her brutal past, Michelle did not let that taint the way she feels about love and romance.  Rowdy also endured a painful situation at a young age.  But then again, it shapes who he is today.  Rowdy is selfless – will put his life in danger to protect others.  He is a true HERO.  Both characters are complex, well-developed, likable.  Michelle is sassy, mysterious, sexy.  Rowdy is of course HOT, alpha, and has a dirty mouth.  The chemistry between Michelle and Rowdy is uber sizzling, panty-dropping hot.  Kate wrote the best foreplay / sex scenes EVER!!!  She went for the erotic/turn on effect and let me say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I love that the plot of this book is dedicated to the men in uniform.  I like the powerful message the author conveyed to the reader – “People want perfect cops, but that could only happen if there were perfect people.  The system is flawed.  Criminals and assholes sometimes got away with it.  And more often than not, the true heroes in uniform were never recognized….” — I find this rawness and truth a bit hard to swallow but no truer statement has been spoken.  The author touches a little on the stigma of mental health, gentrification, brutality and perception of police.  But it is important to point out that no matter which side of the coin you are on, we are all humans and we are flawed.  So tame the judgement, be kind, live and learn, and always keep an open mind (my humble opinion only J).

This book is FANTASTIC and so WELL-WRITTEN.  Something about this story just resonated with me – I learned a lot and I can tell the author put a lot of effort into researching on this topic.  The Brave Line is real, raw, and heart-breakingly beautiful.  The message she conveyed is devastating, powerful but she balanced all the seriousness and sadness well with humor, lighthearted moments, sizzling sexy scenes, and hilarious banters.  THIS IS STILL a ROMANCE – a really really good one J I highly recommended this book you guys!!!!  I cannot wait for you all to read this!!!


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