Release Blitz for Cocky Senator’s Daughter by Faleena Hopkins

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Cocky Senator’s Daughter: Hannah

(Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 8)


Faleena Hopkins

Release Date: March 19th

Hosted By: Chance Promotions




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We descendants of six notorious brothers are a close knit group, because we
have to protect each other. People want to be our friends, our lovers, for
the wrong reasons… for what we can do for them. What they can take from
us. And sometimes snakes wear masks.


Every man I’ve dated in this city has either bored me or hurt me.


So when my cousin, Sofia Sol, offers me a ride on the back of her Harley
with no destination in mind besides out-of-Atlanta, can you blame me for
saying yes?



Life doesn’t always give you what you want. You have to take it. Two years
ago I lost a fight that cost me my Champion title. Now’s my chance to turn
the tide.

I don’t know who the Cocker family is. Florida doesn’t give a damn what
happens in any other state. So when I spot Hannah Cocker for the first
time, I don’t know she’s semi-famous, and I don’t care. All I’m thinking
is, how can I make that beautiful woman’s sadness disappear? I’m not good
enough to be her forever, but I sure can give her one hell of a ride


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Hannah presses closer into me, her fingertips tracing my skin. “My mom read
to me every night, and taught me how before Kindergarten. She was really
patient, you know? I don’t remember her ever losing her temper, at least
not with me.”

“You see her lose it with someone else?”

“She got mad at a plumber once, called him a robber. And when he left she
kneeled in front of me and said, ‘Don’t ever let them take advantage of you
because you’re a girl, Hannah.’ I think it’s my strongest memory of her.
But I have photos, and my grandma recorded stories with my dad before she

I whisper, “How many?”

“Tons.” Hannah’s chest caves in as she rubs her nose then wraps her arms
around me again. She feels so good. “I haven’t listened to them in years.
They’d make me miss her too much, and I miss her so badly already. I want
my mom. I need her! Why’d that have to happen to her?” Her shoulders start
shaking while I rock her.

“I know, gorgeous, it sucks.”

“So bad! It sucks so bad,” she whispers. “I hate it. I have a stepmother,
and I love her. She’s great, and I know I’m lucky. I shouldn’t feel this
badly, but Tobias, I want my real mom to meet my children. I want her to
see who I marry. I want her to be able to slap my dad, like really hard!
Maybe two times.”

Quietly laughing at that last one, I ask, “You can’t do it?”

“No,” she sighs, chuckling through the tears. “He’s too good a guy. But I
kind of want to.” My chest rumbles with hers and then we go quiet together.
“Thank you, Tobias.”


“I think I needed to talk about her. I never do. All my cousins have both
their parents. It’s only me who doesn’t, so they can’t ever understand. But
then it’s like she was never here, and that’s not good.” Hannah meets my
eyes. “And I’m sorry about what happened to you. I know they’re not the
same stories…”

“…but they’re the same feelings.”

“Same loss.” Her stomach growls and she glances to it, making a face at the

I laugh and trace her cheek. “You hungry, babe?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Let’s get room service.”

Her hand slides down my stomach and under my towel, which unlatches the
haphazard knot. The damp cotton drifts to the ground. She takes hold of my
sleeping length and smiles up at me, looking so beautiful my heart
shudders. “I know what we can do while we wait for food to get here.”

One of my eyebrows cocks up and I murmur against her waiting lips, “Let’s
make the pain go away.”


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I write modern day love stories, page turning, exciting escapes that lift
the heart, melt it, and set it back down better than it was. 😉

Strong family ties are always in my stories – they would take a bullet for
anyone in their family if needed. Loyalty is number one. Though some fall
at times, they forgive and help each other get back up.

I’m also an actress and filmmaker, and will be directing my first feature
film in 2017, acting in it and yes, I wrote it. The book will come out when
the movie does, and I’m so excited to share it with you. The MEN have been
acting in and directing their own projects for a long time (Woody Allen,
Ben Stiller, Ed Burns, Ben Affleck, etc…), why can’t I? I hope you’ll be
by my side. You can see some of my showbiz resume here:






Mailing List:









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