Review: Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen!



Well Sarina and Elle introduced me to the first MM romance Him/Us and I loved it. So, I was super excited when Goodbye Paradise was announced and after reading it the verdict is in – SARINA is definitely the QUEEN of MM romance … well amongst all other genres that I love as well 🙂

Paradise Cove is a sweet childhood friends to lovers romance. Joshua and Caleb grew up in the polygamist/religious cult where they lead an extremely sheltered life from the sinner’s world outside. The boys work all day. The girls take care of the men and marry off young to the nasty old leaders.

I fell in love with Caleb and Joshua right away. Joshua is a dreamer, gentle, caring, and sweet but he was made to feel worthless, weak, and ashamed by his very own existence. Of all the things he was accused of Joshua only has one sin – loving Caleb. Caleb is confident and strong, but a gentle giant. He secretly covers for Joshua as much as he can. The little things that he does for his friend just make me all misty eyed. Caleb is a little more mysterious – he guards his feelings and no one knows what he is thinking for sure, not even Joshua.
In this society, the weakest links will eventually get thrown out and that’s exactly the fate of Joshua one night. Caleb was a little more acquaintance with world due to his family connection. Caleb could not imagine leaving Joshua to fence for himself so he soon escapes to find his friend. How will Joshua and Caleb survive in the outside world that they know nothing about?

So the first few chapters were about the cruel life Caleb and Joshua endured in the cult – this part was quite emotional and sad. The next few chapters were very thrilling – it described their escape, who they met and how they got to where they settled. The rest is about their life in the outside world and journey to find peace and love. I think what I anticipated was a little more drama with the cult leaders when they found out Caleb had escaped with Joshua they might have gone after them. I also thought somehow this horrible place might have been exposed at the end. But I guess these are not really the main focus of the story. Paradise Cove is more about Caleb and Joshua’s new life journey. It’s about love between friends and lovers. It also showcased the kindness of people that still exists in the world. I thought this book had all the feels – a little bit of angst, sadness, lots of steamy sex, and romance. Overall, it was a heartfelt story of survival, second chances at life, and unconditional love. Sarina’s story-telling is always exceptionally good. I was captivated by the characters and the plot right away and could not stop until the end. Another well written romance!!!

4.5 Moving Stars!



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