Review: The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson!

Don’t miss this awesome enemy to lover romance ❤ ❤


My rating: 5 STARS

Holy sweetness!!! Rachel Higginson never disappoints. Another awesome enemies to lovers romance. Devoured this in one sitting.

Vera is a talented chef with dream of working in her own big kitchen. Unfortunately, Vera’s plan is deterred when she was involved in a physical and mental abusive relationship. Luckily, Vera escaped without a trace, working her way across Europe learning local cuisine and finding herself again. After three years, Vera made her way home hoping for a fresh start. She opened a food truck in her brother business’s parking lot. The problem is it’s right across from a famous Michelin Star restaurant and the head chef Killian is not too pleased. Killian wants Vera and her subpar food truck gone but Vera is feisty and she is not going to back down. I adore Vera – she has been though a lot but she is talented, strong, and gutsy. Killian is super-hot and brooding – he owns the kitchen and he knows it. At first he might come off as a hard ass but that’s just a façade – deep down he is caring, protective, and has a big heart.

Vera and Killian are competitors but they can’t fight the attraction they have to each other. Their romance is angsty, slow burning, turning super sweet, passionate and sexy. Because this is an enemy-to-lover romance, the banters are great – witty, hilarious and entertaining. I also enjoyed the non-stop food talk because I do enjoy a good meal myself LOL. The second cast of characters are also very interesting. Vera’s brother Vann and her bff Molly took turns helping in the food truck. They are both loyal, good natured people. Wyatt is Killian’s right hand man in the kitchen and he is super funny – I hope for a story on him. Over all, I enjoyed the mostly lighthearted romantic enemies-to-lovers story. There was a tiny bit of drama and suspense when finding out about Vera’s past that kept me intrigued the whole time. Mostly though I fell in love with of all the characters of this book and the writing is flawless – Can’t complain!!!


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