Review: Ain’t He Precious? by Juliette Poe (Sawyer Bennett)


My rating: 5 CHARMING STARS!!!

MY MY MY! I got to say I love the alter ego of Sawyer Bennett – I always love her writing style and her stories so there is no surprise that I would fall in love with this book. Juliette Poe writes sweeter but still hot and sexy contemporary romance. There is something about love in a small town and in this case with a hard dose of southern charm that just makes me go weak at the knees.

Trixie and Ryland were college sweethearts. They have plans of working for a big law firm after Harvard and building a life together in the big city. Right before they graduate Trixie has a change of heart – she tells Ryland she wants to move back to her home town of Whynot, population 3,872. Ryland is not a small town boy and is heart-broken as they part ways. At the time he doesn’t understand the real reason Trixie moves home.

Fast forward 10 years, Trixie finds herself in a high profile case. She believes with Ryland’s big name and experience she will have a better chance of winning. Trixie asks Ryland to come to Whynot and he agrees. Trixie and Ryland always love each other. The feelings never change and seeing Ryland brings back all the love and affection they have for each other at full force. How will Trixie choose this time? Will she choose love over staying near family in the town she grew up in? Or will Trixie give it all up this time for the only man who has her heart? Will Ryland be able to move to a small town knowing Trixie’s deep love for her town and family?

I love everything about this book. Trixie is headstrong, confident, vibrant, and honest – what you see is what you get. Ryland – oh swoony Ryland is all sexy, intelligent, kind, and a total package. The story is set in a charming small town and the people in it are full of kindness and heart. I love the banters and interactions between all characters – witty and hilarious. Ain’t He Precious is truly charming, sweet and heart-warming. This book is not just about romance between lovers but also about the deep love for friends and family in a close-knit small town, which is quite rare these days. I find the story very refreshing, light hearted, fun, genuine and just gorgeous. I just wish it was longer because I was totally addicted to it – You will too . I cannot wait for the story on Lowe. BRAVO Juliette Poe! I adore the sweet and romantic side of you.


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