Review: The Bohemian and the Businessman by Katy Regnery!

My rating: 5 gorgeous stars!!!

Squeezzzze! I don’t think Katy Regnery can write a bad book.  I mean seriously I have fallen head over heels in love with the Blueberry Lane series.  Every book is better than the next.  The Bohemian and the Businessman is just about the sweetest and romantic, with the most innocent characters ever.  Okay, maybe P was not that innocent LOL but Shane is an absolute doll.

“I’m dying a little for you.”

 Priscilla is one of five girls, a proclaimed wild child who has been wandering the globe enjoying life as it comes.  The latest stunt in Paris did not work out so well so she packed her bag and moved home to Forrester – broken hearted with a bigger problem that would require her to settle down soon or lose her inheritance.

Shane has been working for Priscilla’s father for many years.  He’s earmarked for a promotion but Douglas refuses to promote non-family to CEO.  Shane is to propose to Pricilla’s sister Margaret and the both of them plan to take over the Story family company.  Unfortunately, Margaret is not having it – she is a romantic and would only marry for love.

Shane’s goal is to be CEO of the Story company but without a potential suiter (one of Story’s girls) his dream will end.  Priscilla needs a husband to get to her inheritance and Shane needs a Story wife to climb the social ladder – they should marry each other… perfect, right?

“She’s the one.  That’s for sure…Your eyes give your heart away.”

Priscilla and Shane’s love story is a perfect example of opposites attract.  Their personalities could not be any more different.  Pricilla is a free spirit with no future life plans – one might say she needs to grow up.  Shane is ambitious, hardworking, career focused and nothing will get in his way of running his own company someday… But beyond the differences, Priscilla and Shane are perfect for each other.  Shane is “an anchor in her stormy world” while Priscilla is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy business world that Shane is accustomed to.

“I’m me, for better or for worse.”

“For better, P.  Don’t get me wrong…you looked beautiful last night, but it wasn’t you.  I-I like you.  I really like you…just the way you are.”

I love that Priscilla and Shane are completely honest with their feelings, for better or worse.  There is no pretentiousness – they say what they mean even if it hurts the other person’s feelings because they genuinely care and want the best for each other.   I think the story plot is brilliant – acquaintances turned friends turned lovers, marrying for convenience.  Let’s not forget the sizzling attraction between Priscilla and Shane.  Damn! The sex scenes are downright delicious.  It’s refreshing to see the roles reversed with the experienced heroine and not so experienced hero… I think it is innocent and endearing.  The story also touches a little bit on the other four sisters – just enough for you to crave how the rest of their stories pan out.  There was also a bit drama with Priscilla and Shane’s past that shapes who they are today, but really that is not the main focus.  The Bohemian and The Businessman is a perfectly beautiful, heartwarming, sexy love story – a wild child falling in love with the only man that can tame her.  This book really makes my heart happy – I am addicted to this charming Blueberry Lane series and I cannot contain my excitement for Alice’s story…  a snippet teaser at the end and I already knew it was going to be a wild ride.  My paws will be all over that when it comes out.  Highly recommend this delightful book and to be honest the whole series.  Each book is not that long but I promise you will be addicted.

“Whatever happened to the ambitious businessman I used to know? The one who’d choose work over anything else?”

“Oh, him? He fell in love.”

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