Review: Revelry by Kandi Steiner



Revelry is about a woman trying to find herself and her new footing after a painful divorce. She finds love in the process when she least expects it.
Wren was happily married to her high school sweetheart until she realized they had changed, but not together. Wren found herself in a monotonous life doing exactly what her husband wants, leaving behind her hopes and dreams of her own career. After the divorce, Wren plans on spending a summer in a small mountain town in the hopes of a fresh start.

Anderson is a brooding, sexy, keep to himself kind of guy who has no interest in getting neighborly with the sexy newbie. In his head, Wren is nothing but a temporary visitor but his body says otherwise. The attraction is undeniable and he is in a losing battle of fighting with his desire towards Wren. Their relationship is complicated, with Anderson still buried deep in secrets and demons he cannot overcome. Who knows a cat’s nickname Rev would set the man off right? Wren might just be the distraction he needs to lightening up his life.

I enjoyed the storyline. Both of these characters are wounded. They are desperate for a new beginning and romance but it is difficult for them to let go of the past. There is too much familiarity and comfort in their old life that it will take courage, forgiveness, and determination to find happiness in each other. Revelry is all heart, sweet and sexy with a small dose of angst and drama. It’s a beautiful and inspiring story of a woman finding herself and finding love in the process. Their love story is truly romantic and melted my heart. This is a new author for me – kudos for the gorgeous writing. I am looking forward to more stories from this author.


Revelry Teaser

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