Review: Living With Doubt by Riann C. Miller

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Living with Doubt is a spin off story for Jake and Lacey who were best friends of Chase and Jordan in Living with Regret. You do not have to read Living with Regret first because there is enough mentioned of their background story in this book that you will understand their history and how they met. Both books are well written with awesome characters, witty banters and entertaining storylines.

“Sometimes life doesn’t play out the way we’d expect.”
“But people usually learn the greatest lessons after their biggest fall.”

Jake has a dream life – he lives and breathes football, making millions and bedding every hot woman that comes his way. He has no time or inclination to keep any of them around long. Jake met Lacey though Chase and Jordan when Chase injured his head, losing his memory. Lacey is a young, smart, sexy lawyer. She has zero interest in men thanks to her douche bag ex who broke her heart. The last person she needs to be tangled up with is the ultimate player football star. Since the first-time Jake came face to face with the feisty Lacey he could not ignore the sparks between them. Lacey is a hard nut to crack but Jake is up for the challenge. One night of fun turns into more and Jake just can’t quit her even though he knows it will be a difficult chase. The relationship between Jake and Lacey is definitely steamy albeit very turbulent at times. Lacey has a dramatic past which makes it difficult for her to let go and take a leap. Sometimes, I get frustrated with her stubbornness but I know deep down Lacey has a lot of love to give. I was not quite sure about the side story of the grandfather asking for Lacey’s help. I understand how that tides to Lacey’s past but I could do without because I already love the romance between the main characters as well as all the side characters. Over all, I enjoyed Jake and Lacey’s story – sexy, fun, romantic with a touch of drama and an emotional part towards the end.
This is a new author for me – I read both books back to back and they are both fantastic!!!!
I hope there will be a story for Caleb – he seems like a genuinely nice guy but sort of unlucky in love at the moment.

“I can’t change your past, but I can help you build your future.”

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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