Review: Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely



Oh well, what can I say… Lauren Blakely can write romantic comedy like no other. Honestly, I have been so hooked on this new series of standalones since Big Rock, Mister O, Well Hung, Full Package. Joy Ride was another delightful, sexy, sweet, fun and entertaining read. Sometimes, I am just in the mood for a quick, lighthearted read and Joy Ride did that for me.

I love the character Henley – She is pretty badass. At a very young age Henley was talented at building cars. She has a passion and the drive to learn and be the best. At that time, Henley was under the tutelage of Max. Max is the best in the business but unfortunately Henley makes one little mistake and Max fires her. Now 5 years later, Henley comes back into town looking sexier than ever. The problem is she is now working for Max’s biggest rival in town. What happens when you mix fast cars, a hot mechanic’s nemesis with scorching chemistry together? Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this enemies to lovers romance.

You really can’t go wrong with Lauren’s book. The characters are adorable, the chemistry is intense, the storyline is fun, swoony, low on drama and full of witty banters. Lauren Blakely has a fun, bubbly personality and I think it totally shine through her writing. Another highly addictive romance told by male point of view – which by the way Lauren is the genius at writing male POV. I read all of this author’s books ARCs or not – that says it all!

4.5 oh joy stars!



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