Review: Penalty by Jacob Chance


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Penalty is such a cute, light-hearted, low drama, girl next door meets-a-jock sports romance.
Brady is used to women falling at his feet and he has no problem with “hit it and quit it” but when he meets Harlow he knows there is something different about her. Brady is instantly attracted to Harlow’s beauty. She is quiet, shy, and has zero interest in football or Brady himself… or so he thinks. Harlow knows better than getting tangled up with the popular quarterback bad boy but Brady makes it impossible for her to resist his charm. Brady knows the only way to get to Harlow’s heart is to change his game.

I adore both main characters – Brady appears arrogant but deep down he is a gentleman, sweet, caring and romantic. Harlow is beautiful, smart, introverted. They both have a strong sexual pull towards each other but they both took their time getting to know each other before hopping in bed. Although once the intimacy starts, boy it’s explosive – all hot and heavy… fanning self. Brady has a little secret past though which adds a little bit of drama, a nice twist to the story. Can Harlow forgive Brady for his mistake and give him a second chance?

I am a fan of Jacob Chance’s story telling – witty banters and awesome narrative, flow flawlessly though out. In the past, Jacob’s stories were more intense but Penalty is a slight change to the romantic, sweet, delicious, sexy sport romance. I say, Jacob Chance can write any story and I will read it.


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