Review: A Girl Like Me by Ginger Scott

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My rating: 4.5 Stars!
This is the second book in the Like Us series which follows Joss and Wes. This is not a standalone so you must read A Boy Like You, which everyone should because this is such a special series. I’m going to try my best to avoid spoilers since I think the mystery is half the fun of this book, but I’m disclosing the warning that this review will have spoilers from the first book.
So the book starts off where book one left us with Wes missing, presumed dead. However, Joss knows in her heart he’s alive. She goes on a search to find him and to eventually learn the secrets that Wes is holding. At the same time, Joss is on her own self-discovery journey and learning to lean on herself to be her own hero.

“But things like that aren’t real. Just like superheroes aren’t real. Villains.”

This book is magical in all the right ways. It’s a play on all our fantasies and grandiose ideas of heroes. It’s a story that does have an element of superheroes, but it’s so much more. It’s about inner strength and being our own heroes. It’s about family, friends, and soul mates. I love the way Joss grows in this story. I will admit for the first 40% of the book, she was irritating me. She was being a typical teenager and lashing out, holding grudges. I was frustrated with her despite understanding the pain she was suffering inside. There are times I want to slap some sense into her. Luckily, she comes around and sees the light. She grows, matures, and it’s so refreshing to see this.

“One look from my boy—my hero—and everything that a breath ago was tough and determined becomes soft.”
“I give him peace. I’m your home.”

Then there is Wes. In the first book, I felt there wasn’t enough of Wes and I’m so glad I get to see more of his story in this book. It’s still all in Joss’ POV but his story and his role become much clearer. He is an absolute hero. He is so special in so many ways, but more than anything it’s his caring nature that makes him special. The way he loves his brother and friends is heartwarming, but the way he loves Joss is epic. I fell in love with their love. Their sweet first love is so beautiful and intense. It is deep and real and their connection is so palpable.

“Before, I only stayed away for you. Everything … it’s for you. I came back for you, I was born for you.”
“I love you something fierce.”

The story gives us a lot of ups and downs and a lot of drama and action. There are scenes that caused me stress, but I had faith in Ginger Scott and her characters. I knew they wouldn’t fail me. I’m so glad I hung on because now that I’m at the end, I feel nothing but absolute joy and relief for these wonderful characters that have touched my heart. This is a definite must read especially if you love the impossible! Let your imagination grow! Happy Reading!

Release day: May 26


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