Review: Ruckus by L.J. Shen


My rating: 4 Stars!

“It’s not my fault you fell in love with a dying girl.”
“It’s not my fault you made it fucking impossible not to.”

I’m tearing up already…I love this book!

I devoured Vicious, book 1. I fell in love with all the hotholes, Millie, and her sister. So of course, I was super excited to read Ruckus, Dean and Rosie’s story. This is a stand alone, but I feel it’s best to read book one for a better understanding of the relationships among the group because they are a complicated bunch.

Anyhow, going into this book, I knew Millie and Ruckus dated in high school, but now it looks like this will be
Rukcus and Rosie’s (Millie’s sister) love story. I’m not really into siblings dating each other’s exes, but it was in high school and according to the blurb, Rosie loved him first. I’m keeping an open mind.

I’m not going to lie. Right away, I started feeling a little frustrated because I really like Millie and the way the story plays out is that Dean really liked Rosie in high school, but he stayed with Millie out of pity. The blurb made it seem like Rosie and Dean has some secret affair and a falling out, then somehow he got with Millie. I guess I had some preconceived notions about their story and that definitely brought in some disappointment. More than anything though, I love Millie and it pisses me off that Dean and Rosie would do that to her. I don’t think they did right by her. She didn’t need a pity boyfriend. She’s awesome on her own. However, Millie has her happy ending and I suppose that’s all that matters.

As the story progresses, I did end up falling in love with Dean and Rosie. They do have a beautiful love story full of trial and tribulations. Dean’s story was unexpected and saddening. It’s pretty messed up and I would have issue too. I guess rich kids don’t always have it better. I wish love could really conquer all demons like addiction. His addiction was a bit over simplified, but I don’t mind that much. I’m all about the happy endings.

Then there is Rosie who is battling cystic fibrosis. As a nurse, I completely feel for her and her struggles. She is strong and willful. I like that about Rosie, but I also found her stubbornness frustrating at times. Their love is strong to endure all the challenges in front of them. Their love is powerful and it makes me realize love that great is worth all the pain. And the epilogue…oh it’s the best ending. My heart was swelling with joy. I love seeing everyone together and the family growing.

This is a must read. Happy reading!

“I’m not afraid. I got what I wanted from this life. You.”


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