Review: My Best Friend’s Ex by Meghan Quinn


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Well, what can I say… whenever I pick up a book from Meghan Quinn I already know I am in for a whirlwind of laughter and fun and guess what? My best friend’s ex was exactly that – sweet, hilarious, and so romantic. But there is a bonus – the story is also quite heartfelt and touching. I laughed though the entirety of the book but towards the end I was crying fat tears from those damn letters…

“You’re where you belong”

You met Tucker in Co-wrecker … if not no worries you will get all of him and more in this standalone. Tucker was dealt shitty cards. He thought he was deeply in love with Sadie and that she was the one and only. Except Sadie had other ideas – their relationship felt apart, she left Tucker and took part of his heart with her. You would think it is easy to get over an ex but Sadie and Tucker were connected at a deeper level. They shared and lost something that is difficult for Tucker to handle. Everyone grieves differently and Tucker took it hard – he seems stuck in the past; his heart is hardened and it would take a special person to make his heart whole again.

“You’re it for me, Emma. My love, my soul, my home.”

Emma was Tucker’s childhood friend and also Sadie’s best friend growing up but they all sort of lost touch. Emma just got served an eviction notice right before she was getting ready to graduate nursing school. Down and out, Emma finds herself at a bar and as fate has it she runs into Tucker. To his own surprise, he offers Emma a room to stay at his house. Tucker is private, difficult, brooding – he does not even understand why he took in a grown up, sexy Emma for a roommate. Emma is easy to love – sweet, caring, patient and kind. She is a saint putting up with Tucker and all his emotional baggage. At first their friend/roommate relationship is easy going, sharing meals, cuddling, flirting and making rules together. There is one rule that Emma can’t break and being a caring person she is desperate to help Tucker, but at what cost? Her own heart? I don’t blame Tucker for holding on to the past because he lost something precious but Tucker knows he needs a big gesture to win Emma’s heart back. And oh yes, he grovels good!!! Who would have thought Tucker has a soft and passionate side? But he so outdid himself with grand gesture – utterly swoony and romantic guys.

“With a home that feels like home, a gorgeous woman in my forever, I’m a man fulfilled. I’m a man with hope. I’m a man with love.”

Well, if you are looking for a hilarious, romantic, sexy, light summer read with a touch of heart and feels you got it right here. Tucker and Emma HEA!!! Meghan is the queen of romantic comedy and you will not be disappointed. LOVED IT!!!






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