Review: Sugar & Gold by Emma Scott

S & G

Sugar & Gold (Dreamcatcher #2) Emma Scott ~ 10 Stars isn’t enough!!!

“I want to walk in the sunshine with you.”

Just WOW! Every single time I pick up a book from Emma Scott I know I am in for an unexpected plot, extraordinary characters, flawless writing and everything in between. I always marvel at the author’s mind and how she continues to bless us with such unique and exceptional stories. Sugar & Gold is definitely a gem. Yes, it a lovely romance but so much more. With all the sadness in the world right now, the author intentionally or not, put her own unique spin on some tougher subjects – self-worth, belonging, being different, courage, forgiveness, and love. I especially love the profound parting message of “Love and Hope” for the future. Quite fitting I say.

It is hard to sum up what this book is about with no spoilers – I am not even going to try. The good news is Emma Scott has a very extensive and detailed synopsis so after reading that, you should have a very good idea what Sugar & Gold is about and whether it intrigues your curious mind. I will say this book’s GOT ALL THE FEELS and it’s a MUST READ. This is a very intense and emotional love story as expected in all of Emma’s previous books so get some tissues ready. I was really sobbing in the middle of the night and I could not stop reading. Don’t fret – there are also plenty of sweet, light-hearted banters, and sexy moments as well.

“For love. And when it’s for love, there ain’t no mountain high enough.”

I love the way Nikolai and Fiona met – Nikolai was nursing a lonely heart at a bar and in comes walking a vision in pink (that’s what he sees in Fiona). What is supposed to be a night of rolling in the hay turns into a very complicated, whirlwind romance. Fiona is easy to love – kind, caring and compassionate. She was dealt shitty cards and life isn’t easy but it hasn’t hardened her heart. She lives with the haunted thoughts daily but her spirit is still vibrant and that’s exactly what Nikolai sees in Fiona – beautiful inside and out. Nikolai – my heart breaks for him. Nikolai’s upbringing is sad and torturous. He is running from everyone including himself, hiding behind tattoos and piercings, never settling down or letting anyone get close (although said tats and pierces make him a pretty damn hot sex god ). The character’s development is quite remarkable. These two characters are both damaged seemingly beyond repair but they found each other and with trust and love they were able to find the real person within (and ultimately their own version of sunshine). On a lighter note, I think the author did an awesome job with the chemistry between Nikoli and Fiona. There is no denying the sparks and attraction between them. I like that Nikolai and Fiona are very honest with each others feelings. There is no game playing between them which is not surprising because they have been through so much heartache, they only want true happiness for one another. The part at the end where Nikolai came to the rescue practically melted my heart and my panties – totally swoony and showcased his bravery, a quality I admire about this hero. I also enjoyed all the side characters especially Nate and Griff – such sweet, fun, adorable couples, and even the mother hen Opal was absolutely lovely.

As you know Gold & Sugar is part of the Dreamcatcher series which has a touch of paranormal elements. If you have any reservations about reading this genre, I will say this: Does Nikolai’s ability to feel or see people in color and sounds seem far fetched? Absolutely, but personally I think we can all relate to this hidden talent in some ways. Why are we drawn to certain people but not others? I think Nikolai’s gift is no different than one’s ability to read, feel, and understand people we meet. It’s an intuition if you will – your way of knowing whether to trust people or to form relationships or not. That’s just my personal opinion!

Sugar & Gold is just simply GORGEOUS. Period! The story, the characters, the narrative, the dialogues – everything about it was delivered with such care through her elegant writing. Reading Emma’s book is a magical experience. I was in awe and once again speechless when I finished. The epilogue – “Ostavat’sya” – I can’t even! I was once again a sobbing mess. Truly, Sugar & Gold is a stunning – a gorgeous love story but also a poignant heartfelt story of a young couple who rose above all odds, found their sunshine, and are finally free.

“Love and hope.”
“She had given so much of both; my heart was full of love for her…and a gratitude greater than thank you.”



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