Review: The Story of Us by Tara Sivec

Story of Us

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay so I always adore Tara Sivec and all her cute romantic comedy stories – fun, light-hearted, a good needed laughter after a long week of work. But I have to say I LOVE the serious side of Tara, and the Story of Us is absolute breathtaking. A heartfelt, emotional love story between a soldier and his childhood friend and their long journey to mend their broken hearts.

Eli and Shelby came from different worlds. Shelby’s family is wealthy – she is a princess, sheltered, flocking around all day taunting Eli. Eli was hired help at Shelby’s family plantation. Their romantic relationship started the night Shelby graduated and went off to college. They shared one unforgeable kiss but sadly that was that! Shelby went off to NY to pursue her dream as a dancer. Four years later, she came back and they had one whirlwind romantic summer but Eli broke her heart again. He let her go and went off to fight war, was captured and presumed dead. Shelby tried to move on with her life but her heart was shattered and she was nothing but an empty shelf, existing but not living life. That is until news came that Eli was rescued, alive, then comes home broken beyond repair. Will they have a second chance at happiness? Fair warning – the plot is not a simple second romance or military romance. The storyline is complicated with twists and turns, as well as lies and deceit from Shelby’s family. Eli was also hiding a big secret – that was a big surprise! I did not expect that plot twist at all. My heart breaks for Eli. I cry thinking about Eli but also the soldiers out there – what they went though, are going through. Their struggles are real and the challenge they continue to face long after their time served. It really saddened me.

The story of us is a poignant, heartbreaking, emotional love story – a tear jerker, so get some tissues ready. The plot grabbed my attention immediately and kept me glued to the kindle from beginning to finish. As I said before there are so many twists and moments I was like “WTF did I just read?” Trust me you will not be able to put it down either. I’ve love Tara’s writing – simply beautiful. It’s easy to connect and fall in love with the characters. I thought the last part about Shelby’s mother and Landry ended rather quickly but there was so much ugliness there that I did not mind their disappearance. I love the heart of the story – Shelby and Eli both broken leaned on each other through dark days and finally find their own happiness. That’s love!

I can’t wait to read Written on the Stars about Everett and Cameron – sounds intriguing and emotional as well. I just dig that shit! Love this version of Tara!



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