Review: Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

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AWWW! Just finished this sweet, swoony, heartwarming love story in one sitting and I loved it!

The story is about a young lady Catherine who was innocent and made some bad choices when she was in high school. Catherine had a crush on her art teacher but like most teens with raging hormones she mistakes lust for love. The problem lies in Catherine’s teacher though as he was an adult. He made some false promises he could not kept. Soon after the story broke – Catherine became the talk of the town not only for her stunt with the art teacher but also, she found herself pregnant and was forced to drop out of high school. Catherine was strong though… she took responsibly and with the help of some kind people she was able to get a job and support her daughter.

Several years later, Catherine’s life changes one foggy night when she rescues a man from a car wreck that nearly ends his life. Turns out, the man she saved is a hockey darling Brett Madden and he insists on thanking the woman who saved his life in person. The last thing Catherine wants is attention and the spot light on her but Brett is persistent. Brett is instantly attracted to Catherine but is it more than just gratitude toward someone who saved his life? Can Catherine leave the past behind and finally find get a second chance at love?

I really adore Brett – he is down to earth, sweet, caring — just a total package. I also like Catherine – she is young, naïve and unfortunately learns the hard way. I like the fact that she did not hop into Brett’s bed right away. She struggles as a single mom but she is not hungry for fame or money. She is grown up and much wiser.
I also enjoy the plot – it felt real – a situation that could have happened to anyone. One thing I was uncomfortable with is the fact that Catherine made a major mistake soon after the teacher ordeal, but it produced the adorable little girl. Kids are my kryptonite and I just love stories of single moms/dads falling in love again. She is a pretty darn cute, curious, smart little girl and adds to the lighthearted, hilarious components of the story.

K.A Tucker is a first-time author for me. I have known about this author but because of her genres I never really tried to read her book. When I saw the blurb of this book I was immediately intrigued. I am glad I read it because it was awesome! This is a kind of feel good story – a single mom and a hockey star who were both given a second chance at life. It was sweet, sexy, heartfelt with not too much drama. As far as the writing goes, it totally clicked with me … beautiful, flawless, love the witty banters, and a good pace from beginning to end.

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