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OH HELL! WTH have you done to me, Monica??? I am not going to MEL to see you anymore! I am NOT!!!! (Stomping my feet like a toddler) … Not until you give me book two!!!!
Seriously though, I have been waiting for Forgetting You, Forgetting Me for a long time and let me tell you it is well worth it! I fell in love the author’s Dirty Dix series – erotic and sexy but this book shows a new side of her. Brilliant!! You must read!!!

“You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine.”

Here is the scoop: Lucy Tucker seems to have a perfect life – a warming home, a handsome fiancé Sam who loves her unconditionally. Then one day, she lost it all right before she walks down the aisle to the man of her dream. Sam desperately needed help so Lucy reluctantly turned to his identical twin brother Saxon. Saxon had skipped town a long time ago and neither Sam nor Lucy have any relationship with him. The last thing Saxon wants is to come back to his home town and deal with all the hurtful memories. But he did! What happened when Lucy realized Saxon isn’t there to save his brother but rather he is there to save her? Is the man she vows to love forever really who she thinks he is? How is Lucy going move on with Sam when she is falling into the arms for Saxon, the man who made her feel safe and protected.

From the sound of it you might think there is cheating involved but I don’t see it that way. You have to really read the story to judge for yourself – their relationship is anything but simple. It’s messy, complicated – a huge roller coaster of past, present, lies and secrets and poor Lucy is caught right in the middle of it. I feel for Lucy – she is beautiful, smart, brave and has a good heart. She grew up in the system and was mistreated but it hadn’t hardened her spirit – she turned the cruelty that brought upon her to helping others in needs.
Sam is a good old boy – his parent’s golden child. He can do no wrong but oh, he did wrong! Very wrong! What Sam did back in high school was unforgiveable – it was a game at first but once his heart involved, there was no going back. I wanted to hate Sam badly, but in the end, I just could not. You will see why …
Saxon – whoa!!! I want to take him home. Saxon is misunderstood by everyone. As long as he remembered he is a just thorn on his parents’ side – unwanted, unloved. We as reader knows better, don’t we? Saxon is rugged, sexy, kind-hearted, and caring. What he did at the end was once again selfless – showcased his true character that I fell in love with all along. The book ended with Saxon and Lucy finally came clean with their feelings. Sam is still confused about who he is and what he had done? Lucy loves both men for different reasons – one can’t live without her while the other needed her more. What will she do? So yeah Monica? What will she do and where is the rest of it? LOVE YOU!

“I will never forget you.  I can’t.”

“I will never forget you either, Lucy.  Ever.  You’re a part of me, now and forever.”

I need not to tell you about Monica’s talent of storytelling – nothing short of spectacular. She is super sweet guys, but she is wicked. She doesn’t play safe and this storyline proves it – unique, unexpected, and just brilliant. You will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions. I cried a lot but I laughed too. Some of the dialogues were hilarious compliment of the feisty Lucy. I love everything about this book – the complexity of each characters, the clever dialogues, the narrative and everything in between. There is plenty of angst, drama, secrets that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Let’s not forget the swoony and sexy parts though – Monica is the queen of writing panty-dropping sex scenes. This story is quite a surprise! Monica James doesn’t disappoint. I have faith that the author will bring us an epic ending to this magnificent story.

Highly recommended!!!!
Stars??? Who cares – IT IS A MUST READ!!!! PERIOD!!!


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