Review: The Director and Don Juan by Katy Regnery.

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My rating:  So easy … 5 STARS!!! *****

“Corazon de mi Corazon.  Heart of my heart.  I want what I’ve wanted from the beginning … us.”

Holy Latino hotness! Every time I read a new book of Katy Regnery I say it is my new favorite and this book is no different. I am so marveled by this author’s ability to come up with such heartfelt and romantic love stories time and time again. All I know is that I wait patiently for her books and read everything she puts out.
The Director and Don Juan is about second Story sisters Alice. She is a successful business woman starting a company on her own after she left her father’s company. Carlos was a mail room clerk working at Alice’s fathers company. When Alice left, she asked if anyone would follow her to start fresh – Carlos was the only one who volunteered. So, for the last 3 years Carlos worked alongside his boss. Carlos and Alice always have had a certain attraction and adoration towards each other but they both know it is a very bad idea to fraternize at work. When Alice gets a business deal in Puerto Rico (Carlos’s hometown) it is natural that Carlos would accompany Alice on the trip. That’s when all hell breaks loose and the romance begins …

“Only we know, you and I, how much we suffer for this love.”

I absolutely love love love Alice and Carlos’s story. Alice is seven years older than Carlos. She is also his boss and she hasn’t been in love so it is hard for Alice to let her guard down. Carlos is so freaking swoony and dreamy. Carlos has been in love with his boss for a long while but he respects her enough to wait until Alice is ready. Alice wants a partner – someone she loves and loves her back. She just has been looking at all the wrong places because the man who loves and adores her has been right by her side for years. Oh man! I have to say Katy writes some freaking hot scenes – it was unbelievably panty dropping sexy and erotic (in particular the teeth part) Holy Sh*t!!! That’s was intense. I like how the relationship developed – Alice and Carlos have known their feelings for each other for a while so even though it seems their relationship starts fast it is actually overdue. I like the strong, smart, driven female character and equally determined hero. I like how the story addresses cultural differences and certain taboos with an older woman/younger man – all is very classy, sweet and with humor.

“The future isn’t something perfect.

The future isn’t something predictable.

The best thing you can do is find a partner who loves you and tackle it together.”

The Director and Don Juan was such fun sexy read. Beautiful and romantic love story. Great dialogues. Gorgeous writing as always. This story makes me smile and swoon, and believe in soulmates regardless of all the differences separating them. True love conquers all.FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


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