Review: Crosshairs by Kate Stewart

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Good grief! I need to take a breath – this book was a total mind f*ck! So good though, a page turner. Get some wine and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride.
Crosshairs is the second book of Predator and Prey series and you do need to read Camouflage first. Crosshairs picked right where Amber was rescued out of the prison of Laz. She is with a child now but had lost custody of her boy to Laz’s mother. Both Laz and Amber are drug addicts and in no shape to care for their child. Amber needs help getting her son back and she needs her sister Taylor in a bad way. Laz is still angry and out for revenge on Taylor for leaving him bleeding to dead years ago. There is a fine line between love and hate Laz has for Taylor. Daniello is still a mystery and dangerous as ever. What supposed to be a f*ck buddy relationship he has with Taylor turned more passionate. Daniello went all alpha and possessive of Taylor. For the first-time Taylor has romantic feelings for a man but can she trust Daniello? What will happen when Laz come looking for Taylor – a woman Daniello declared is his woman? Well, one cluster f*ck that’s what!!!

Holy moly! This second book is a lot more intense. There is so much ups and downs, twisted events that happened to all of the characters. Daniello is dangerous but is he trustworthy, a good guy? Laz – he is so drugged up and lost. In a way, I feel bad for him because he is so blindly in love with Taylor he doesn’t quite know how to let go. Taylor – you will find a huge secret past – an event immediately followed after she ran away from home. Taylor’s road to success wasn’t easy and smooth sailing as we think. Amber suffered so much under the hands of their deadbeat mother but she is finally free. As to whether she is happy or not, it is all depend on if she ever gets her son back and stay clean. The plot is so sick and intense – I honestly did not realize how unpredictable, dark and gritty this story turned out to be. Of course, there is still a large dose of crazy hot, erotic, and sexiness romance between Taylor and Daniello. This book is fast paced and also very suspenseful I found myself clued to my kindle. I think the plot is quite unique and there are so may unexpected events throughout that kept me captivated the whole way. I read all of Kate Stewart’s book and I know she can write ANYTHING. This one is an erotic, romantic suspense. Quite an entertaining and compelling read – grab a copy, you will not be disappointed.




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