Review: Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland

Beautiful Mistake C

5 Beautiful Stars!!!

WEEEE!  Every time I finish one of Vi Keeland’s books I am positively giddy with happiness.  The blurb for this book sets up the premise perfectly.  This is a standalone TA/Professor relationship – I love the forbidden romance and all the angst that goes with it.  The story starts out with a big bang — a hilarious encounter of the hero (Caine) and heroine (Rachel) where she hands his a** to him for being a man-wh*re.  His response was no more than a smirk because he knew she got the wrong guy.  Hilarious!  Rachel does not find out until the next day when she shows up to class LATE and the handsome professor Caine West is none other than the man she chastised the night before.  Talk about the worst mistake ever!!!! Of course, the chemistry between Caine and Rachel was instant, only to intensify every day they have to work together.  How long can they keep their hands off of each other? The stakes are high for dismissal since Rachel is his TA and Caine is also the advisor for her thesis project.

“True love is selfless.”

Here is what you don’t get from the blurb – there is more to this story than just the cute romance.  Rachel and Caine have a history only they do not know it.  Rachel escaped a troubled past and starts a new life in NY with great friends, co-workers, and well… an ex-boyfriend who desperately wants her back (see the complicated mess there?).  Caine has his own secret – a former drum player (almost famous), turned music teacher … why?  Also, he has another unpaid job helping people when he was younger but you will have to read about that to find out more.  Think – “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”  This book surprised the heck out of me – made me laugh out loud, happy, sad, and swoon.  The author has a special talent of writing such sweet, sexy, romantic stories and at the same time throwing in that extra oomph of emotional turmoil and heart-pounding twists to the story.  That, ladies and gentleman, is how she reels you in and captures your attention from beginning until the end.  Beautiful Mistake was delightful – made my heart beat wildly and left a permanent smile on my face when I finished.  Flawless writing, unique storyline, hilarious banters, feisty heroine and swoony alpha hero – can’t ask for more.  MUST READ summer book!!!


Beautiful Mistake



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