Review: Twisted Twosome by Meghan Quinn


4.5 Hilarious Stars!!

LOL…yup, this book had me laughing. It was such a fun and cute ride. I absolutely loved it! Meghan Quinn’s books always put me in the best mood and Twisted Twosome is no exception.  Racer is your hard-working poor boy who can’t stand Georgie, the daughter of the one of the most powerful men in town. While Racer is working night and day to stay afloat, Georgie is enjoying her tan and eating nuggies. At least, that’s what Racer thinks.  It’s a battle from the beginning, but fate intervenes forcing them to work together.  Its opposites attract; both need each other and both more alike than different, but can they stop bickering long enough to see what’s right in front of them?

First off, Racer is HOT! Even his name is hot.  He’s such a great male lead. He’s the perfect balance of man and child. He’s works hard, has great ethics, a huge heart, but he’s also a man child! He can be immature at times, but he’s mostly playful and funny. He knows just how to push Georgie’s buttons. I loved all the back and forth bickering. It was a hoot! But the best part was Racer and the strip tease. No spoilers, but freakin hilarious!!

Georgie is perfect. She’s rich, but she has a brain and a heart. I loved all that gossiping and nuggie eating. Despite Racer’s initial perception of Georgie, I knew she was a down to earth girl; she’s my type of girl! She is the perfect match for Racer.  She balanced him well and kept him on his toes. The pull between the two was tense and the buildup for their relationship was done so well done. I was giddy with anticipation the entire time.  Timing the get together is a crucial element and it was done at a perfect pace.

Even with all the humor, there is a beautiful love blooming and that is heart of the story.  I think their love is founded on friendship and it made their love develop on a deeper level. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop on multiple levels.

Overall, I can’t wait for another book in this series. It’s fun, sexy, hilarious, and full of heart. The best combinations! Happy Reading!

“It’s Racer. He sees me. Wants me. Needs me.”


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