Review: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

Royally endowed

Royally Endowed by Emma Chase ~ 5 Stars

OMG!!!! This book is something else. Emma Chase hit it out of the park again. She had me at the prologue! Right of the bat, the end of the prologue got my heart racing out of control. I knew at that point there was something bad happening there but of course I had no idea what. You have to read until nearly the end to finally get your answer. I did not expect the drama and suspense that came with this romantic fairytale.

I really love the modern fairytale feel of this book. Logan St. James is a security guard for the royal family. He grew up on the wrong side of the track but is determined to make a better life for himself. Logan is a little mysterious, broody, sexy as sin “he covers his tattoos and scars with a respectable suit. He’s handsome, loyal, brave, skilled with his hands and…other body parts.” – UM, YES PLEASE! Logan has the focus and dedication to his job, nothing could deter him, not even the beautiful sister to the crowned princess – Ellie Hammond … or can it?

Ellie is a sweetheart. She is quirky, funny and full of life. Their love affair really begins a while back when Ellie is still a senior in high school. Logan was assigned to watch over Ellie while her sister visits Wesco. For years, Logan watches over Ellie – I suspect his feelings for Ellie are a little more than a protective guard. Ellie always thought of Logan as her very own knight – she has always has a crush on him and her feelings run deeper over the years but she never really pursues it. Ellie knows he is off limits for obvious reasons – he is her guard and she is the princess’ sister. Ellie always been a free spirit – her motto is to “suck the lemon of life” but she realizes that she has been playing safe. She wants to take a risk, lay her heart on the line and hope that Logan wants her like she always wanted him. Will poor Logan finally give into the beautiful tempting Ellie?

“Somebody once told me a slow-burning fire is the hottest – and it must be true. Because Logan and I are a f*cking inferno.”

I enjoy the slow burn, angsty romance – it’s the best kind. Logan and Ellie’s romance was brewing over several years. So, when they finally gave in to each other – it’s nothing short of inferno – sexy, passionate, burning up the sheets deliciousness. I have to admire Logan’s loyally. He has been in love with Ellie but he is dedicated and loyal to the prince so he kept away from Ellie until she was much older. I also love the way the author describes Logan watching Ellie grow from the quirky teenager to a beautiful swan – Logan is drawn to her but always admires Ellie from the sidelines. It’s super sweet and endearing.

I really fell in love with Logan and Ellie. They seem perfect for each other. Ellie’s life is far from baking at a family bakery but she is sweet and down to earth. Logan is her perfect knight – protecting Ellie while keeping his attraction to her at arms length. Except a little suspense and twist to the plot – this was fun, sexy, sweet, romantic, and totally swoony. Just PERFECTION!
I am honestly obsessed with Emma’s modern fairy tale romance. This is book 3 and it just gets better and better. If you have not picked up one yet start with Royally Screwed, then Royally Matched. They are all amazingly good.

I also enjoy the little snippet of the royal family Nicholas and Olivia, Henry and Sarah. I missed them and I was so glad to have them back in this book. Nicholas is so funny and protective to little sister in law Ellie. The part about Ellie’s apartment shopping had me laughing so hard.

“We’ll find you a new place to love. I’ll even ask the owner to loosen the pipes so they leak if that’ll make you happy, but you can’t stay here. Absolutely not.” – LOL, hilarious!

I also had the pleasure of reading Royally Raised – a short snippet into the life of King Henry and Queen Sarah. They have several children – one in particular, the eldest girl seems hardheaded, funny, and entitled. The King and Queen want to reign her in and show her what the real world is all about. But if Princess Jane, the future heir is anything like her sassy grandmother (which I suspect she definitely is) we are in for a wild ride. I’m very intrigued to find out what is next but I suspect a story on this spoiled princess …. I am dying for more! Emma, are you listening to me?

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