Review: Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

Drunk Dial


Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward ~ 5 Stars

WHOA! You guys, Penelope Ward blew it out of the park again with this incredibly heartfelt romance. What I did not expect at all is that it is a bit of a tear jerker. The blurb sounds light-hearted enough, right? Rana and Landon were childhood friends. The two kids love biking and skate boarding in their front yard. One day Lana and her family up and left without a trace. Neither had forgotten about each other years later. One fateful night, Lana decided to look Landon up and drunk dial him … OMG! Right off the bat the conversation had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Landon and Rana continue to talk on the phone. Innocent conversations slowly turn into something more racy and sexy. Landon wants to see Rana but she is reluctant for him to see the grown-up version of herself but why? …

“A relationship is about appreciating the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one is perfect.”

There are actually several angles to the plot. Without spoiling too much, all I can say is that the story touches on some serious issues of insecurity, self-image, abandonment, adoption and what affects this has on oneself (men and women equally). The hero and heroine in this story are broken, flawed, with heaps of skeletons in their closet. When Landon turned 18, he moved to sunny California to look for some unanswered questions about his past but unfortunately, he never found them. He was too late. Angry and depressed, Landon quickly spiraled out of control. He was living in the fast lane, rubbing elbows (and other parts …) with the rich and famous. But eventually Landon was ashamed of his life. He decided to start over. Now Landon runs his food truck and spending time listening to the ocean on his freetime. But what will happen when Rana finds out the truth about Landon’s colorful past life in LA?

“Maybe it’s not really a mistake if you learn from it.”

Rana has not changed much since childhood (except her appearance) – she is still living in Michigan where they grew up. Rana is a belly dancer by night and playing “big sister” to “little sister” by day. She too has a huge secret which is unfortunately the very catalyst that drove Landon to the darkest part of his life in the first place. This is one of the biggest reasons why Rana doesn’t want to reveal her true self to Landon. Both of them are too afraid to disappoint one another once the ugly truth is revealed. The first half of the book was lighthearted, fun, and sweet but it turned serious and emotional quickly through. I honestly did not see “the secrets” coming …

I really love the characters of this book. Rana is quirky, fun, beautiful, and a little bit crazy. Landon is all alpha, sexy, uber swoony, and has a big heart. From the little notes Landon left for Rana, to his protective nature, to the amazing unconventional date he planned (you have to read and see) … everything about him just screams sexy and ALL MINE!
I love how the relationship between Rana and Landon blossomed over time … lots of flirty, witty banters, and eventually a high dose of sexiness … GAH, some parts are straight up erotic in my opinion. Very delicious!!!

“I’ve asked you a lot of stupid questions over the years. Trust me, this isn’t one of them. The next one is the most important.”

Drunk Dial is a childhood friend turned lovers romance. Heart-warming, fun, sexy, romantic – guaranteed! But there is so much more. This story is also about trust, fate, heartbreak, true love, forgiveness and redemption. I was quite emotional and in tears which I did not expect going in … those damn letters!!!! Well, this book is truly something special. I was hooked from beginning until the end… finished in one sitting!!!! Penelope Ward is one of my go-to authors and she NEVER disappoint. Thank you ❤



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