Review: The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan.

The Soul Mate


What a fun romantic story!  Bren is a conservationist who working at the zoo.  Mason is an OBGYN.  They met at a bar and had a hot passionate sizzling one-night-stand.  The next day Bren bolted.  Mason spent weeks looking for her without any luck.  A few weeks after that night, Bren walked in to a doctor office to check up on her nausea and irregular cycle.  Guess who was gloved up to check on her hoo-ha? YUP, YOU GUESSED RIGHT!  That’s part was super funny I was laughing so hard J.

So, Bren might be pregnant with her hot one-night stand guy.   It did take Mason long to registered that he might be the baby daddy either.  They need to find out for sure but in the meantime Mason insisted on getting to know Bren the old fashion way… wooing, dating, and spend more time to explore their sexual chemistry.  Bren, however is skittish about falling in love – she will bolt whenever Mason push too hard.  Gosh, I adore Mason though.  He does move fast but he is so sweet and caring, it melted my heart.  Bren is loving and caring to all her babies at the zoo but she desperately needs to work on loving Mason.  Things don’t always work perfectly in life though.  Will Mason be able to convince Bren that what they have is fate and that they are meant to be?

I was listening to this book on audio for my trip to see the eclipse and it was just perfect.  Short and sweet, fun, low drama, sexy, romantic, adorable heroine and swoon-worthy hero.  Frankly, I could not ask for a better book for my drive.


Soul Mate T1





Soul mate T

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