Review: Under Her by Samantha Towle.


Under Her by Samantha Towle ~ 4.5 Stars

 Squeeze! I so LOVE this book.  This enemies to lovers/second chance romance is just adorable and cute.  Wilder and Morgan have known each other since college.  Back then Wilder was a man-whore – bedding the whole female population of Northwestern.  He is cocky, rude and a butthead.  Morgan had a crush on Wilder in college but he hurt her feelings badly.  A decade later, Wilders’ parents decide to hire a co-CEO to help run their lingerie company.  Wilder is in for a surprise because guess who will be working side by side with him? YUP! You got it! Except Morgan does not look like anything Wilder remembers.  Can you smell the trouble?

I like Wilder’s character – funny, confident, knows what he wants and went after it kind of guy.  The thing that bothers me about Wilder though is that he is portrayed as a man-whore when he is young and full of hormones which I understand, but the older version of Wilder is still a bit the same.  Wilder is still making his way through Chicago only he makes it known to the women his intentions upfront.  I was hoping Wilder had a good reason for treating Morgan badly in college (like he was jealous, drunk or high, or something) but I was disappointed he did it intentionally.  However, I can see that Wilder does make an effort to get to know Morgan better now.  He wants to woo her instead of trying to jump her bones right away.  Wilder redeems himself and is quite swoony at the end.  I like that Wilder is fun, witty and hardworking.  He has a confident and maybe a bit overinflated ego but I like his honesty.  I adore Morgan.  She is smart, tenacious, works hard and becomes successful all on her own.  She is also sweet, easy to forgive, and is gorgeous inside and out.  These two have amazing chemistry and I think they complement each other well.

Enemies-to-lovers romance is one of my favorites.  I enjoyed the angst and the push and pull relationship between the two characters.  They definitely know how to burn up the sheets in the bedroom – SCORCHING HOT and passionate romance.  I also enjoyed the fun and entertaining plot with just a bit of drama which is perfect for me.  Over all, Under Her is entertaining, funny, sexy, and romantic.  I miss Samantha Towle’s writing and Under Her just hit the spot for me.




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