Review: Dirty Filthy Rich Love (Dirty Duet # 2)

Dirty Love


5 STARS!!!!

HOLY SH*T!  What a freaking thrilling finale to a magnificent Dirty Duet.  I am telling you this is one of my favorite books this year.  It has been 4 months since Dirty Filthy Rich Men came out and this is 100% worth the wait.

Not a standalone, read in order:

Dirty Filthy Rich Boys – Sabrina and Donovan met while she was at Harvard. Donovan was her TA and Sabrina has a major crush on him.  Sabrina is innocent and naïve, she had no idea what she got herself into pinning after the sexiest man on campus.  Donovan ends up saving her but at the same time destroys her heart. An unfortunate event happens that forces Sabrina to quit Harvard and move back home for good.  Donovan is nothing but a distant memory.

In Dirty Filthy Rich Men – Ten years later, Donovan and Sabrina cross paths again. He is sort of her boss, but this time Sabrina is not intimidated. She is all grown up and wiser. She has some beefs to settle with Donovan, and she intends to do so.  I love Donovan and Sabrina’s relationship – they are attracted to each other and hated each other at the same time, but in the end the magnetic force that pulls them together is too great to deny.  Donovan and Sabrina carried on a totally erotic, sick, twisted, roller coaster relationship.  At the end of this book, Sabrina discovered a huge secret that Donovan knows more about Sabrina than she ever intended to.  Sabrina fells violated and angry – she wants answers but Donovan skipped town.

This last book Dirty Filthy Rich Love – You get all the answers.  You will find out the real Donovan – the lies and secrets he has been hiding over a decade, but boy does he have reasons for every single one of them.  Donovan broke Sabrina heart, her trust and she despise him for it, or does she? Well, lucky for us the makeup sex is incredibly scorching.  I think Laurelin has really outdone herself with this duet.  The characters in this book are brilliant.  Donovan is a complicated creature – sexy, brooding, alpha and manipulative.  He can be vile, cruel and infuriating but what you will find in this last book is that he is endearing, caring, and has the best of intentions.  The guy is flawed and the things he did were totally sick but I love every freaking minute of it.  Is there such thing as loving someone “too much”?  Well, with Donovan, there is.  Sabrina is beautiful, smart, and driven.  She was innocent at first but I realize that she is just as twisted as Donovan which makes their relationship a whole lot more erotic, greedy, and panty dropping hot!!!!

This duet is hands down the most thrilling, exhilarating books I have read all year.  I re-read the first book and I get the same heart pounding excitement as if I read it for the very first time.  A lot of times, I will find a duet dragging a bit in the middle but not this one – fast paced, intriguing — a page turner cover to cover.  I love the dialogue – superb writing skills.  I also love the story development – every time I think okay he confessed everything, another revelation comes up which surprised the hell out of me.  All I am going to say is “thank fuck” for the ending.  I am so wound tight – now I can finally breathe.  This duet is FANTASTIC – CAPTIVATED, OBSESSED, ADDICTED, MUST READ!!!!


Dirty Rich Love T1



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