Review: The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier



4.5 Stars!

“There are moments in your life, seconds even, when something happens that changes everything. Changes you. I ‘d been through those moments. So had Sawyer.”

T.M. Frazier has out done herself! I’ve read her entire King series, so the Outskirts feels like a complete departure of T.M. Frazier’s style, but it’s a good change. Her writing style remains superb, but the story is much softer. There isn’t a lot of violence; it’s just about two lost souls in need of healing and acceptance.

The story touches on a couple of very serious matters: domestic abuse and suicide. It deals more with how it affects the lives of all people surrounding the matter. I’m particularly impressed with how well developed Finn and Sawyer are. They are complex. Sawyer is naive, but she has this inner strength that is so inspiring. Her desire to want to change her life is palpable and exciting. It has a very powerful and positive message. Finn suffers from a lot of guilt and he’s stuck in the past. I sympathize with his struggle, but I love how he accepts the healing process when he meets Sawyer. Together, they make a heartwarming story about loss, love, and forgiveness.

“Finn was a lot things. Highly irritable. Exasperating. A complete storm of negativity. But he was also selfless when it came to rescuing me and great at distraction. “

This story has all the feels…the angst, excitement of the push & pull, and the sorrow for all the pain they’ve had to endure. My favorite is the push and pull. I love the instant attraction and the push and pull that happens. It’s the excitement of when will they give in. And Finn was quite a grouch, but I can’t resist a brooding recluse!

During the story, I felt something ominous was going to happen, and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but of course in typical T. M. Frazier style, the story is left on a cliffhanger =( Part two to come soon. The waiting is the worst, but I can’t wait to figure out the rest of the story.


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