Review: Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry.



Author Sarah Mayberry is new to me but Sarina Bowen is my go-to girl and after reading Temporary I am not surprised at all why she is one of my favorite authors.  Together these two are quite magical.

What an emotional, heartfelt story of a young woman who worked hard to escape poverty in order to provide a better life for herself and her little sister Olivia.  Grace was hired as a temp by the CEO of Walker Holdings, Victoria to take care of Jack’s estate after he died.  Jack is the ice queen Vitoria’s estrange brother.  Victoria ordered Grace to auctions off all his estate (wine/art collection) ASAP as she is in a hurry to get rid of all trades of Jack.  Grace was elated for this opportunity to prove herself hoping to secure a permanent position.  What she thought was a straight forward easy paying job turned out to be much more complicated.  Grace was caught in the middle of a huge family feud between Victoria and her son Callan … or shall I say under him 🙂

Callan has been philanthropying around Europe with beautiful women in his arm every night.  He flew back to NY as soon as he heard of his uncle passing.  Callan was appalled to find out his mother is selling all his belongings and possibly ignoring his uncle legacy.  Callan is determined to make it right but it won’t be easy with the feisty Grace in his way.  The first-time Grace and Callan met they were instantly attracted to each other.  Callan is handsome and has a sexy Australian accent.  He oozes sex appeal, charming, flirty, and quite irresistible but Grace cannot afford to get tangle with another person who will end up hurting and leaving her.  But the more time Grace and Callan spend together, the more Grace finds that Callan is not a shallow man he appears to be but rather he is sweet, caring, and has a big heart. Callan is also enamored by Grace’s beauty and strong heart.  She works hard to take care of her little sister.  Despite all the sadness in her life she perseveres.  It is hard not to fall in love with Grace.  What will happen though when the evil queen Victoria found out Grace has been helping her estranged son instead of reporting his activities to her?

I really enjoy the premise of this book – something I have not read in the past.  I like the enemy to friendship to lover relationship with angst, a little drama and a whole lot of cuteness, flirting and swoony hero.  I love the strong heroine and I especially enjoy the secondary character Grace’s sister.  Olivia is fun, bubbly and sassy personality which make the banters hilarious. Temporary is a beautiful romance full of hearts.  It’s also about love between two sisters and the bond they have for each other since everyone have abandoned them. The only sad part is the dysfunctional family dynamic.  People say: every family got one and boy, that rings true to both Grace and Callan’s family life.

The writing is as expected – gorgeous and fluid from beginning until the end – two great minds equaled one awesome collaboration.  I can’t wait for more from these two authors.  I have a feeling it will be Callan’s sister? Sounds like she needs to spread her wings and find love before the queen hardened her young heart.



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