Review: Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Juliette Poe.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree


Squeeze! Barking Up the Wrong Tree is yet another sweet, lighthearted, cute romance from Juliette Poe.  I am really falling in love with this series.  Maybe it is the small town feels – the close-knit people, the beautiful scenery, the animals and the farm life and all Whynot has to offer.

This one is about one of the twins Laken who is a town veterinarian. Laken hasn’t always been a small-town girl.  She had her eyes on big city living once – the big practice, the clothes, the busy lifestyle.  But things did not work out as she had hoped.  Laken moves back home for a fresh start.  She opens a small clinic and is content with being surrounded by families, but her dating life is nonexistent.  Laken has no problem with having a little fun rolling in the hay but she is no longer interested in commitment or a relationship.

Jake is a city boy, ex-football player who bought a farm nearby for tax break purposes.  Jake knows nothing about farming or taking care of the animals.  So, when his goats run rampant though the city, one being pregnant, Jake panics.  He needed major help and lucky for him Laken never turns her back on animals, even after Jake had insulted her intelligence the first time they met.  I adore Laken and her feisty, honest personality.  She does not sugar coat anything – what you see is what you get.  The only thing is I am not sure why I cannot picture what she looks like J.  Jake, sigh… I can imagine: rugged, buff, bearded — a handsome guy with a big teddy bear heart.   Jake is in so much trouble at the farm but God love him he tries hard.  Jake is sweet, kind, and quite swoony, not to mention a sex God in bed J.  It did not take long for Laken and Jake to get handsy with each other.  After all, they are both attractive, single and willing to have a fun time with no strings attached.  The only problem is Jake wants more and Laken does not.  Laken is set in Whynot and Jake’s life is in Chicago. A long distance relationship would never work, would it?

This book is gorgeous – the cover, the writing, the story told in several points of view including Herman.  Geez, so freaking adorable – I was secretly hoping for Ms. Goatskins’ point of view as well  🙂

This was such a sweet, romantic, fun and heartwarming read.  I love the small-town premise – adorable and refreshing. LOVED IT.

4.5 Stars


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